Essential Oils for Summer Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Essential Oils for Summer

Hello lovelies,

Today’s blog is on summer essential oils and I am almost laughing at myself for choosing this subject as I look out of the window at the grey skies and the pouring rain in June here in Vancouver! But hey Summer is just around the corner I’m sure of it and I want to help you be all prepared. So before we even get to my favourites for this season, I want to start with the do’s and do not’s of our little bottles of loveliness.

5 things to Know

-Don’t leave your oils in direct sunlight, in hot rooms or in your car. Oils are in amber bottles to help them last longer against the UV rays but that doesn’t make them invincible. Heat and light reduce the life of your oils.

-If your home gets super warm during the summer think about storing your oils in a cool spot. Keeping them in the fridge is even better. Put them in a sealed container so that your whole fridge doesn’t smell of them. If you don’t have room to fit them all in think about putting in your citrus oils. They are top notes, in the aromatherapy world, which means they evaporate quicker than mid layer or base layer oils.

-Citrus oils are photo sensitive. What this means is that if you put one of these essential oils onto your skin and then expose that skin to the sun, you may be more sensitive to the sun exposure and could be more likely to burn. So to be on the safe side either stay out of the sun for 12-24 hours after applying or at least keep that area of the body covered.

-Bergamot is phototoxic. This means that unless it has had the Bergapten removed (also known as FCF Bergamot) you should avoid the sun for at least 12-24 hours after applying it to the skin because you likely will burn. The natural chemical element in the oil combines with the DNA of the skin and when exposed to the UV rays it can kill cells and damage tissue.

-If you have a 15ml bottle of oil and you are half way through the bottle or more, especially with your citrus oils, think about putting it into a smaller bottle. This helps with reducing oxidization of your oil because you are limiting the amount of space that air can get into the bottle. Essential oils react with the air, hence you smelling them as they evaporate but having them evaporate or go rancid when you haven’t even had chance to enjoy them isn’t so fun.

Now we have gotten some of the important points covered as to oil management and use, let’s have a look at some of my summer time favourites. Over the next few weeks we will be covering everything from gardening, road trips, camping to trips abroad (for when we are allowed to go again).

I use a lot of oils all year round so choosing a few to share is difficult because they are all so amazing and it is also why my hubby used to complain when we travel. Yep… I have always packed the kitchen sink and then some but he knows now that I am prepared for every occasion. And you know what ??!! there have been more than a few times that he has needed something that I have packed, especially in the essential oil department. So now when we travel he keeps quiet, smiles and helps me carry my huge suitcase. I’m helping him work on his muscles.

So with all that said, narrowing my must have list to just 10, was really hard but here it goes.

My Top 10 Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Summer Vancouver British Columbia Canada 564376

Lavender – a great oil for all things skin related from bites to too much sun. It works with allergies and hives too. I love when my skin is feeling a little warm from the sun, to add lavender to a base cream or aloe vera gel and apply liberally. For bites apply neat to the bit itself and try hard not to scratch. If you need something more potent for your bites or stings you can also use purify blend.

Terrashield – this is a proprietary blend that smells more like candy than repellent, however it is a natural insect repellent. Available in a spray or an oil so that you can choose which way you want to use it. You can apply to skin, clothing or diffuse as needed. We have a few oils that sit in this category of repelling biting things but if you are looking for one blend that does it all then this is it.

Peppermint – Hot days make me sleepy and this oil is not only amazing for cooling you down but is pretty effective at waking up. Try a few drops in a spritzer to cool you down or a few drops in your diffuser to help you stay focused and on task. I like to have this one in my car for those long drives so that I can stay focused and alert. It’s also great for opening up your airways when you do sports and exercise outdoors and relief for headaches.

Tea tree – This truly is the oil of clean and pristine. When it comes to sweaty, stinky feet and fungal issues, scrapes and cuts and being prepared for the unknown this is my oil of choice. I use it in a spray with lavender for the kids that we named owie spray to heal scrapes and keep them clean. It’s a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so it’s a great natural alternative to your over the counter healing creams and potions with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Ginger – Do you have those kids that moan are we there yet the minute you pull off the driveway and then inform you they feel like throwing up and you haven’t even hit the highway yet ? I do and so we always take this oil with us. It can be smelled straight from the bottom or a drop added to the chest area of clothing to keep everyone feeling healthy and not green around the gills.

Onguard handspray – Do you want your hands to be clean even when there isn’t a place to wash them ? This sanitizing mist is portable, light, natural and smells amazing plus it is safe for the whole family to use. I love having a natural alternative to all those chemical laden hand gels and hand sanitizers that is easy to carry and that my kids love using too. It also can be used to spray down surfaces. I take this one on the plane or train with me to wipe down the tray tables and other surfaces.

Deep blue – This is a must for me on long car journeys, plane rides (when we are allowed to) and taking to the outdoors with hiking and sports. Deep blue helps soothe all those aches and pains that we feel when either exerting ourselves or sitting for long periods of time.

Lemon – I love the fresh taste of this oil in water which helps me keep up my water intake during the hotter months and it also helps with detoxing. (This may or may not be useful if you like a cocktail or two on the patio). Also it’s good to note here that using lemon, lavender and peppermint together can be a real help for allergies. Check out our last blog for more details.

Digestzen tabs – Picnics, meals out and that extra glass of wine on your patio can wreak havoc on your digestive system. These are fast working and give you fresh breath at the same time so in my book that is a win-win.

-My last choice really is a personal preference for me but you could just use fractionated coconut oil instead to dilute your oils. I love the doTERRA spa hand and body lotion as a way to apply my essential oils especially in the summer because it feels so dreamy on and for my skin especially given how drying the sun can be – mixing our essential oils with another medium such as a carrier oil or cream helps for a number of reasons. It means your oil goes further, it can be very soothing to the skin and it helps with skin sensitivity.

So now all we need is the Summer to finally arrive and we will be all set for sun, fun and adventures the natural way. If you would like to get together to chat about oils I am here for you and as always you can use our contact page to call me or send me a message.

Sending love to you wherever you are on this planet we call Mother Earth.


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