Reset + Glow

Are you feeling burnt out? Overwhelmed? Fatigued? Anxious? Are you dealing with your feelings or instead numbing out with sugar, coffee and alcohol? Are you struggling with cravings? Have you put weight on that you are not happy about and you are having a hard time releasing? Are you feeling a loss of community with all this social distancing and a changed world?

Would you like to feel better, sleep better and have more energy? Would you like to meet new friends? Would you like to create coping tools for a healthy life? Would you like support while doing all of this?

Reset + Glow is a chance to come together with other like-minded women from around the world to get yourself back on track. Putting self-care as a priority is a necessary and not a luxury. We will guide you through feeling better in mind, body and spirit during these 30 days and beyond. It’s time for you to shine brightly again. 

This is an investment in yourself because you deserve it. Feel like a whole new you on this Spring Reset, Cleanse and Nourish. 

How long is the program? 

30 days (you do have the option to extend to 60 or 90) 

What does it include?

  • A 30 days of superfood organic non gmo diet delivered to your door
  • Daily coaching by Lou 
  • Private FB Group – Reset + Glow 
  • 30 days of streaming workouts provided by Jen Walker Health 
  • Recipe ebook
  • Journal
  • Facebook classes on the following topics
  • Health + supporting our hormones with Robyn
  • Modern Dance class with Janelle
  • Tapping EFT for self care with Shannon
  • Pilates class / Core and Bar class and African dance with Karen
  • How to set yourself up for successful home workouts with Jen
  • Using herbs to support our wellness with Sue
  • Yoga and meditation classes with Lou
  • Essential oils for emotional support with Lou

How do I know what is happening and when? 

All classes and extra tools will be scheduled and posted in our FB group and also emailed out to you. All classes will be on FB live/or prerecorded within our group. The live classes will be recorded and posted for those who want to re-watch or watch later.  

What is the cost?

Approx $16 per day or  $375 USD or approx. $475 CAD (This is the cost of your month supply of super green foods and supplements which is the equivalent to 2 meals a day and includes tax and shipping) 

There is NO additional cost for the Self Care program itself (worth $100’s which is FREE) as this is our brand new program launch and the other components are a gift to you.

How many spaces do you have?

Registration is open globally. Please contact us if you are registering below.

When can I register?

Registration is open now until 9th April. If you want to join after this date please contact us for details. We may be able to still enroll you. 

Where can I register?

Registration is open now. This is an ongoing community and transformation. You can get started as soon as you are ready by contacting us here.

Meet the team of ladies who will be guiding you through this program..

Lou Meggiato (owner of Mandala Essentials)

Lou is an advocate for self-care and has made it her mission to share tools for self love + self worth with all women in her life. Giving others permission to take the time, care and attention they deserve to spend on themselves so that they can focus on their own happiness and shine brightly. She is an aromatherapist, a health coach, a yoga teacher and author. 

Jen Walker (owner of Jen Walker Health)

Jen is a personal trainer, pre + post natal fitness specialist and small group fitness instructor and owner of Jen Walker health. She has joined our team to provide workouts from home for you to access for FREE for the 30 day program. She is an advocate for having a combined approach to health.

Karen Kobel (owner of Kahlena Movement)

I find freedom and inspiration in movement, whether I am watching or actually moving. I have been given an opportunity to integrate my diverse training into my pilates and dance classes. This union has led to a unique warm up and work out that encourages my clients to discover full body awareness by finding their centre, allowing for deeper discovery through the mind, the body as well as their breath.

Susan Horning BBA, ERYT, CHT (owner of Unity Herbals)

She has been working with plants for decades. Susan has completed a 4-year clinical program in Herbal Therapy as well as the Chartered Herbalist program at Vancouver’s Dominion Herbal College, the oldest herbal medicine school in North America.  Her training also includes Intermediate level Herbal Medicine with the Wild Seed School on Salt Spring Island and coaching with Jasmyn Clift.  She is passionate about continuing to learn through study and mentorship, enriched by her own personal experience.

Janelle Ordiales Astles (owner of Method of Modern Movement)

Janelle started her career in dance at an early age and now teaching for over a decade. She created her brand the Method of Modern Movement brand and opened a studio in North Vancouver in 2020.  She is thrilled to have found her passion and share it with the world! She hopes she can inspire others through movement; to follow their dreams, feel good about their physique, and well being!

Dr Robyn Land (owner of Local Health Integrative Clinic)

She is also a yoga teacher + yoga teacher trainer.  Embracing the naturopathic tenant to “treat the whole person,” I combine evidenced-based medicine with the art and wisdom of traditional medicine to empower my patients to achieve their fullest health potential. I create holistic treatment plans to restore, rejuvenate and optimize your health.

Shannon Kerr (she is an EFT specialist)

Shannon describes herself as a sober mom of a blended family, who uses EFT to release Mom guilt and shift to love and shows other women how to use these tools to love themselves too.