Purium Canada Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation 30 Day Organic Superfood Cleanse

Purium Canada Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation 30 Day Organic Superfood Cleanse Program


Many modern health challenges and ailments are caused by things out of our control, such as pesticides, parasites and other consequences of an overly processed and contaminated food supply and environment. In order to fully recover from these issues, and support our health and immunity on all levels, it is important to go to the root cause and transform our relationships with our body, and our world. This simple, powerful and convenient 30 day protocol was created with the philosophy that by nourishing the body on a daily basis, gently removing toxins, and supporting gut health and nutrient assimilation we can regenerate on a cellular level and return to our natural state of balance and vitality.


The best place to start on this ‘new you’ journey is with the ultimate lifestyle transformation if you would like to improve any of the following: 

  • More energy 
  • improved mood 
  • Better sleep 
  • More nourishment 
  • Build more lean muscle 
  • Lose weight
  • Help regulate your hormones  
  • Reduce unhealthy inflammation  
  • Help with digestive issues 

This 30 Day program will support you to cleanse, reset, nourish and strengthen your body:

  • Nourish with pure and potent Superfood nutrition.  
  • Detoxify toxins including Glyphosate (RoundUp) parasites and fungus.  
  • Support and restore the health of your gut microbiome.

This simple, powerful protocol helps strengthen immunity, release toxic buildup, reduce inflammation, heal imbalances, lower stress, improve sleep, and increase vitality so you feel and look your best. It also is easy to start because not only is it affordable but it is shipped directly to you. This is a program that will support anyone, even if you are pregnant or a nursing mama. It is set up in a way that makes it easy to integrate it into your daily life no matter how busy it is. The changes we wish to see in ourselves start from within. Those subtle shifts of what we eat, how we think, how we act and how we choose to live. We can create shifts in ourselves, our communities and the world. You get the chance to support regenerative sustainable farm and food systems as well as choosing to put your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as a priority.  


We really are not that kind to our bodies and over time that can play havoc on our emotional and physical body. This program begins with nourishing our cells with nutrient dense living superfoods while also gently detoxifying our bodies.  Toxins come our environment as well as from our previous dietary choices in life. We are working to bring the body back into a balanced state of homeostasis by alkalizing the PH levels which will also reduce the body’s inflammation. Unfortunately because our bodies are like sponges we can not avoid modern day pollution which greatly impacts our health. Detoxing is something we should be doing daily. During the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, people have experienced relief from symptoms of toxicity including: hormonal imbalance, inflammation and pain, weight gain or weight loss, depression, brain fog, digestive disorders, insomnia, and a host of other issues. Our bodies want to be healthy and so with the saturation of superfood nutrition and self care practices our bodies can return back to their happy, healthy natural state of wellness.  


Purium has focused with dedication for over 25 years on the creation of nutrition that is both potency and pure. The name Purium comes from the words Pure and Premium combined. The founders pride themselves on having direct relationships with all their farmers to facilitate the best products and cleanest growing practices. The food used in these products is harvested, juiced and wind dehydrated at the farms which means the nutrient content is higher than most foods we eat plus the nutrient content is higher. Even when we buy fresh foods, it can be hours, days or even weeks since that food was harvested. During that time from farm to us, much of the nutrients that they do contain are lost.  In the superfoods protocol each power shake is the equal to approx 6 superfood salads. What’s even better is that every batch is tested to make sure that there are no chemical residues. This is why superfoods have worked so well for so many people because combined with the detoxification and gut healing it helps set your body up for healing.   


Purium Canada Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation
  • Power Shake (2). Increases your energy. Lessens your cravings. Helps to balance cholesterol and blood glucose levels. It’s full of raw micro and phytonutrients. It also support gut healing and cleansing. 
  • Super Amino 23 (2). Pre-digested 100% vegan non-soy amino acids. Helps to build muscle. Can help reduce body fat. Increases your energy. Also converts to useable protein which is absorbed directly into our muscles in just over 20 minutes.  
  • Biome Medic (2). Detoxifies glyphosate (RoundUp) and other harmful toxins which we are surrounded by. Helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Begins to restore and repair the gut microbiome.  
  • Apothe-Cherry (2). Tart Cherry Concentrate. Promotes a more restful and deep sleep. Can help reduce inflammation and is also one of the most potent antioxidants. 
  • Super CleansR. Helps to gently cleanse away parasites, toxins, fungus and yeast.

Purium is committed to being 100% plastic free by 2021 and is phasing in compostable packaging for all products, including the terra pouches pictured above


Can you put a price on upgrading your health? When we look at what we spend on average every day on restaurants, takeaways, that fancy coffee or little snacks that not only add up financially but also physically on our health. I know for myself how easily I could see where this can fit in and how we can replace those funds to get my health back on track and even upgrade it. During your 30 days you will also save on your grocery bills and beyond because when our bodies are better nourished we will eat less and crave less. The cost equates to just below $11USD or 16 CAD/day. You will receive 60 superfood shakes in your kit plus all the other wonderful nutrition and detox products. I think we all realize at some point in our lives that health is an investment, not an expense. This is a gift to yourself for today and for your future and you deserve it!  

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We have our Reset + Glow program that you can combine this with for no extra cost and this runs every other month. You can also be supported by us in which ever way works best for you whether that’s on zoom, calls, text or in our Facebook Group. We are big advocates for self care so will share daily tips. We love to cook so we have a free ebook of delicious healthy recipes as well as lifestyle education, and community support! We look forward to supporting you on this journey to a new more vibrant you! 
Please reach out before getting your kit so we can help you through the process 

If, however, you are super keen and want to just get started please use our button below to get your gift card discount. Please note that many of our clients will do the kit for 90 days and then continue to use the products they love afterwards, month after month, to integrate into their daily lives. For this reason, our suggestion is to set up a smart order when you order your kit to make sure you get what you need every month and that you are never without. Do not worry the order can be cancelled or changed at any time but the good news is that it locks in our 25% discount for you on everything you buy!! Our suggestion is to set your smart order up with either the power shake or the core 4.