doTERRA Essential Oils in Squamish and Whistler


Lisa Storoshenko lives and work out of Squamish and provides sales and service to her community and that of Whistler, here in British Columbia Canada. You can find her paddle boarding, hiking and enjoying local breweries.

Why did you get started with doTERRA? 

My dear friend Lou Meggiato of Mandala Essentials introduced me to doTERRA, I attended a introduction to oils at her home. I have always been interested in essential oils and alternative healing and empowering myself and taking charge of my health and my emotions. The more knowledge I gained about the oils the more I fell in love with doTERRA as a company, but it not just a company, it’s a global community. 

Their oils are therapeutic grade, high purity and quality as well as their ethical sourcing was most important to me. I love that doTERRA has very rigorous testing standards which means the essential oils are pure and free of contaminants. The testing ensures the consistency, potency and purity of their oils and blends and they are transparent about the testing which many essential oil companies are not. 

Which doTERRA products do you like the most and why?

These are my daily go-tos so I am not using harsh chemicals in my home or on my skin. Frankincense is my everyday, I apply it to skin to help with imperfections, and I diffuse it on its own or mixed with others for a very grounding peaceful, calm atmosphere. Lavender. I use to help with sleep, I add it to my diffuser, I mix it with Epsom salts for a soothing, relaxing bath to easy away the stress of the day. Deep blue rub: is a must when working out to help soothe those aches and pains. Lemon or Lime, I interchange them: I add to to vinegar and water for a nature house cleaner. I also add a drop of it to my drinking water to to help cleanse my body and help with digestion. My favourite immune boosting items are On Guard especially during cold and flu season. I diffuse a few drop to purify the air, I use the mist for hand sanitizer and when I run out I just mix a few drops of the oil with Isopropyl Alcohol to make my own hand sanitizer that smells great. For hand soap I only use the OnGuard foaming hand soap. 

What are you currently working on for building your community in Squamish and Whistler? 

My goals are to create a community of like minded people who are interested in improving not only their own health and wellness but sharing their knowledge with others. I just love sharing tools to help others create healthy habits for life for both themselves and their families.    

What do you like most about working alongside Mandala Essentials? 

Lou has been a long time friend and mentor, she has set up a wonderful team and community to empower and inspire women. She is an aromatherapist and has a wealth of knowledge to share and as part of her team I have access to many other health practitioners. 

What does doTERRA’s co impact sourcing mean to you? 

Co-Impact Sourcing looks to develop long-term relationships and mutually beneficial supplier partnerships. A lot of the countries that the oils come from are impoverished, so doTERRA focuses on creating sustainable jobs and reliable incomes for those growing, harvesting and producing the essential oils. They have set a really high standard to the rest of aromatherapy industry with providing ethical treatment and fair prices to all of their suppliers.  

What are your goals for working with doTERRA long term? 

I want to grow my business here in Canada but also continue to create an international community so I can travel, meet more inspiring people and be able to work from anywhere around the world.

How can new clients connect with you to become a doTERRA customer or wellness advocate?

Whether you are looking to just try and learn about oils, create a little extra income or grow a business we are here to guide you. Let’s connect.  

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Phone – 604-349-4536 

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