Yogi’s Guide to Diffusing

Hello Lovelies!

So the day has finally arrived (insert squeal) where I am sharing with the world my very first (of many) eBooks/guides, to buy and download.

The Yogi’s Guide to Diffusing’ is here and I’m obviously just a little bit excited, because similar to many of you, we think about doing these things like publishing a Book, but making dreams a reality is a whole other story.

If you have had chance to read my ‘about page’ you will have figured I kind of like yoga, meditation and essential oils a lot. Like tons.

Well that is really a bit of an understatement after studying and teaching yoga for 20 years. So you don’t have to wonder too much about how I decided which topic my first e Book would be about; yoga, meditation, essential oils and diffusing of course. Yep there is a theme happening!

Aromas are so powerful for our moods and emotions. A smell can literally change our whole day.

Mix that in with a little yoga and you have a treasure trove of yumminess for our hearts and souls.

I have wanted there to be more guides available to help the yogi community to not only enjoy the benefit of essential oils but also to allow those tools to be shared.

Let me point out right now though that you don’t have to even like yoga to enjoy this guide and stretchy yoga pants are optional.

However, if you are a yogi or a yoga teacher there is lots in this guide to help you in your practice and classes with students.

The eBook contains over 300 diffuser blends for you to try. I have put them into categories for you, to make it easier to access and understand.

There are yoga types, class themes and oil blends just for your chakras too (those are the energy wheels in our body that we can’t see but often get blocked by our emotional baggage… I know who doesn’t have that right? we are only human).

The E-book guide is filled with beautiful photos and yummy diffuser recipes for you to try.

Check out my Youtube video below for a sneak peak of what you can expect.

Then go to my online shop to get yourself a copy of my new electronic book.

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