Yoga and Essential Oils eBook

Lou Meggiato of Mandala Essentials

Hello lovelies

I literally don’t know what I did before I had yoga and essential oils in my life. Well if I thought about it long and hard I would remember how challenging life was but hey let’s not regurgitate the past. These two seriously have me blissed out and sparkling most days!!

Frankly there is nothing that we, at Mandala Essentials, love more than yoga and essential oils. It’s what our very foundation is built upon. Seriously, it’s like they were made to go together because when you use essential oils in your yoga practice, they provide a wonderfully yummy experience beyond that of the individual parts. Which basically means yoga on it’s own is great and essential oils on their own are great but put them together and you have your perfect love story that kicks butt.

If you haven’t tried yoga yet don’t worry, there is much loveliness awaiting you. It can sometimes take a while to find the class that is right for you. There are a lot to try and too many styles to list here.

My first class was an iyengar class back in 1999. It was hard… like seriously hard. I was sweating like a crazy lady and my legs were wobbling like a big bowl of jello. I likely looked like a hot mess but so did my friend, so we just kept laughing at each other. BTW just so you know, yoga isn’t all om-ing and being solemn. I love when my students laugh in class and don’t take themselves seriously. Yoga is union of mind, body and soul and as happiness is our inherent state, laughter and smiling is key. Yes some classes and teachers are very serious and quiet and that may appeal to you. There is something for everyone I promise. So if you are like me and love to sing and smile and connect with others, there are classes just for you as well.

Ok so back to my first class and why I went back. I was a stress head when I joined my first class…life, work, you name it, if it could be worried about I worried about it but when I got to do that sleepy thing at the end of class …..ahhh I found absolute heaven. Yes I now know it’s called savasana and it’s a rest time, not a snore fest but that moment at the end was why I kept coming back to begin with. It just felt right and if you snore in my class that’s ok too.

I have tried many styles and found many amazing teachers along the way. What I will say is don’t judge yoga on your first class or second class, if indeed that class sucks for you. Perhaps try a few out on ‘You tube’ if you are feeling lost as to which style to choose or you don’t feel comfortable being in a class setting with strangers. You could drag a friend along for moral support or you could even try a private yoga class, which I highly recommend if you are a beginner. It can really help you to feel comfortable and gain body awareness.

Yoga is the thing that has helped me through the biggest hurdles in my life. Yoga gave my mind a break when it needed to stop freaking out and enjoy a little peace and calm. It was a place to see beyond whatever I was dealing with. I also love that it’s something that you can do anywhere and everywhere without needing much. A mat and comfy clothes is about it. Nothing fancy. Read here – you do not need $100 leggings and a gold plated mat.

Yoga and meditation both help us to be present and delve deeper into the truth of who we are. We, as human beings, like to get lost in the drama of our lives at times. These practices help us to find truth, clarity and tools for life. Now add to that nature’s help in oils and we have tools to work with our emotions on and off the yoga mat.

These little bottles of love (we recommend doTERRA for quality and ethical reasons) are what gives plants life, protection and power. As humans, we can use essential oils for both emotional and physical uses in our body. They are a natural, healthy and fun way to deal with the complications of being ‘us’. Not only do they smell good, they feel good and many taste good too. The biggest take away for me with essential oils is their ability to help me be focused and present with where I am and how I am feeling.

Consistency is key with essential oils as is our practicing yoga and meditation. The more we use them, the better we feel. Essential oils can help us work on deeper levels with exploration of self and emotions. They also allow us to still work on our issues even when we can’t drop down into a downward facing dog in the boardroom. I used to go to yoga to deal with the stress of my design job and it worked for that evening and then the next day I’d be back in the crazy house that was my office. The relief I felt from my yoga was long gone and by the time I got back to my mat again, it was in desperation. If I had oils back then, I know that I would have had help coping with those emotions in between the classes I went to. I have seen this huge shift in my students during the last few years of using oils in my classes. They have a better ability to cope with life’s challenges and so their energy when they arrive now for their class is much less chaotic.

I often get asked where to start with playing with oils in your yoga and meditation practice and so I have created a guide to help you get inspired.


This guide will give you some ideas to get you started. The essential oils that we use in our classes are doTERRA’s certified therapeutic grade oils. The quality of oils is so important to consider when applying them to your body because essential oils work with the physical body, the emotional body and the energetic body.

If you have yet to get started on your journey with either yoga or essential oils then please consider becoming part of our ‘Mandala Essentials’ tribe. A tribe that supports you loving yourself just the way you are. A tribe that puts community and self-worth above all and invites you to radiate in this world.

Be bold, be brave, be you!! And don’t forget to shine bright.

Lots of love and sparkles,

Lou Meggiato xoxo