What is AromaTouch

What is AromaTouch?

Hello Lovelies,

You all know I love essential oils and yoga but did you know that it was learning the AromaTouch Technique that really got me into combining the power of touch with essential oils in my yoga classes?

I get asked so many questions about the AromaTouch Technique that I thought it was about time that I give you all my low down on this amazing gift! What it’s all about, how it benefits people and how you can learn it too.

I decided to do the training about 4 years ago because a fellow aromatherapist had told me how great this technique had been with her clients. Many of you may also know that my daughter, from the age of 5, has had PANDAS and now has Tourettes too. I wanted to educate myself on more ways to help her overtaxed immune system and learn ways to comfort her emotionally.

At the time all of the trainings were happening in the United States, so I organized my own here in Canada. I brought a trainer up from the U.S. to teach me and my friends how to do it. It was so worth it! And to learn it with my friends was an extra bonus. It really was such a wonderful life changing training for me, with like -minded souls – all wanting to make the lives of others better. What a gift to give and receive. I left that day so excited to share with my friends and family and I haven’t stopped since.

I have shared the AromaTouch Technique with whoever has asked for it or needed it. In fact I have given over 100 of them so far. However, there is only one of me so I knew if I wanted to share this with so many more than I could physically give, then I had to teach it to others. So I became a trainer for doTERRA. That in itself is a whole other blog post… road trips, kids and so on. What is important to share though is that being a trainer is a role that I embrace and love!

Oh my goodness I haven’t even mentioned yet how it feels to have a session done on you! Over the last few years I have received about a dozen of them and all from different beautiful people. A trust is built quickly in the session between the giver and the receiver and then calming bliss unfolds. The oil blends combined with the movement have had me snoring on the table a few times and each time it was over I had a deep sense and feeling of calm, peacefulness and grounding. Sometimes I even felt lighter and more energized as if I had left my worries on the table. It will likely be different for each one of us but one thing is for sure and that’s is that each of my clients expressed how they all felt so much better than when they had arrived. Seriously don’t take my word for it – try one and then you will know for yourself.

AromaTouch Technique Training Certification 2

What is the AromaTouch Technique?

It is an essential oil experience in which 8 specific essential oils are applied to the back and feet to help bring balance and wellness to the individual receiving it.

What are the benefits of AromaTouch?

Every one of us experiences stress at some point in our lives. Some experience it more than others. The AromaTouch Technique allows us to come back to homeostasis. It’s like a beautiful reset for our bodies and nervous system that allows us to experience balanced wellness. It helps with immune support, reducing inflammation in the body as well as reducing physical and emotional tension points.

Who can learn this Technique?

This technique took many years for Dr Hill to create because he wanted it to be easy to learn and replicate. So the answer to this is everyone and anyone who wants to learn can.

Can I charge for giving this Technique to someone once I have done the training?

This training was created for personal use and not for monetary benefit. However, depending on your own liability insurance, field of expertise and the laws of your state/country/province you may be able to offer this as a paid service.

Is the AromaTouch Technique considered a massage?

No this technique is not a massage. Massage is medium to deep pressure that is a hands on manipulation ofsoft tissue such as muscles, tendons, joints, connective tissue and ligaments and it deals with the muscular, circulatory and nervous system. The AromaTouch, however, is light pressure specifically for the purpose of connection and to impact the central nervous system.

What Essential Oils are used for AromaTouch?

The oils used (in order)
Balance – calming and for well being
Lavender – calming and relaxing
Tea Tree – cleansing
OnGuard – cleansing
AromaTouch – soothing
Deep Blue – warming
Wild Orange – energizing and revitalizing
Peppermint – invigorating and energizing
These are the 8 essential oils that are used in the full AromaTouch Technique.

How do the AromaTouch oils benefit health and wellness

Can I substitute other oils?

No you cannot. The AromaTouch Technique was specifically designed because of the therapeutic properties of the essential oils used but also for their individual aroma and combined aroma. If you changed an oil the overall aroma would also change. Therefore, if you have someone who cannot use a particular oil, you should just continue the movements on the body for that oil without actually using the oil itself.

Who can receive AromaTouch?

Anyone can receive an AromaTouch Technique including children, pregnant women and the elderly. The amounts of oils and the positions used can be modified for the person receiving it. A massage table makes giving this technique easier but it can also be done on a chair.

How long does an AromaTouch session last and how often can you get one?

Everyone is different so there isn’t one definitive answer to this. A session usually lasts about 40 minutes but this can depend on the pace of the giver and also who is receiving the technique. A child’s back is a lot smaller than an adults back and therefore will likely take less time. As for how often you can receive one – it is suggested that once per day would be the maximum because each individual can have a different experience with this technique.

What is the AromaTouch hand Technique?

This is a powerful and effective way to use essential oils on a person and cater the oils specifically for them and their needs. It can be done anywhere, using any oil and only takes about 5 minutes per hand. There are only 5 movements but those movements help with the absorption of the oil and to promote relaxation.

What is included in the training?

The training includes the oils needed for the technique. You will receive a kit with 8 5ml bottles. You will also enjoy 6 hours of class time with a teacher trainer and this includes working through the training manual, giving an AromaTouch, watching 2 and receiving 1. You will also have the opportunity to learn and experience the hand technique too.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance both as a PDF and in paper form.

If I already have an account with doTERRA do I get a discount?

The cost for this training is the same for everyone, whether they have an account or not. This is a stand alone training. Your fee covers your hands-on training, a certificate, a manual and a kit of oils, whether or not you already have those oils. You can, of course, choose to bring your own doTERRA oils to the training and use those instead and keep your new kit for later. It simply means you just have even more amazing oils in which to share this technique to more people with. What’s not to love about that.

Which Essential Oils for the AromaTouch Technique Application

Where can I take a training with Lou?

See our training schedule for our current dates and locations. If you have a group of people who would like to do the training and you would like us to come to you please contact us directly. We love to travel.

I have to say that I absolutely love sharing essential oils in this way with people because most have never experienced anything like it before. It’s also a wonderful way to connect and give to others.

I love these two quotes because they sum up for me what this is all about.

“We connect as we give, as we share, as we touch” – doTERRA

“The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand. They are moments when we touch one another” – Jack Kornfield

Let’s live our lives with kindness and be of service to others so that we might uplift our own lives.

For those business owners using doTERRA products, learn how to use AromaTouch on the video below.

I hope one day to meet you!

Love and smiles,

Lou Meggiato
Registered Aromatherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Instructor

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