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What are essential oils and where did they come from?

Essential oils have been used by humanity around the world for thousands of years and possibly longer. As a means of healing and therapeutic usage for various ailments. They are concentrated forms of many of the plants that you are already using in your life, which helps greatly with their usability for health and wellness.

What is doTERRA, how did they get started, who runs the company, where it is based?

doTERRA is an essential oils, aromatherapy, and health supplement business with hundreds of products.
They produce and sell the worlds highest quality essential oils under CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) standards.
The company was founded by a group of friends and business associates who are seasoned entrepreneurs.
The business is run by a group of owners and by wellness advocates such as yourself, more info below.
The head office is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah and is a 380,000sqft building, spa, and campus.
doTERRA is a multi billion dollar private corporation that is growing into all continents of the world.

What are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils?

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is the first of its kind and ensures pure quality products.
For more information about this and doTERRA’s quality promise, check out this video.

How doTERRA works well with the environment and artisanal producers?

The business has a low environmental footprint, and treats producers and providers very well.
Sourcing directly from the farmer and not using third party suppliers or similar.
This is to ensure a high quality chain of supply and scalable business model where everyone wins.
When it comes to how doTERRA works with producers of essential oils please download this PDF.

Charitable work and why this is important for the brand and vision?

doTERRA does a lot of charity work with their organization and has a yearly convention in Utah.
This charitable work is important as it creates a network effect of heath and wellness.
doTERRA healing hands is something you can get involved with as a wellness advocate.

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How to make money from doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate using sales volume and signups?

There are a few ways to make money as a wellness advocate, based on your overall sales volume of your team.
And signing up new members to join doTERRA, as well as leveraging the power of 3.
Lou Meggiato will help you understand this very well when you speak with her about your doTERRA business.
And for more information about how to create a business and make money with doTERRA download this PDF.

Health benefits of essential oils for you and your family?

These oils and blends help with wellness, general health, skin clarity, allergies, and so much more.
In fact virtually every medical ailment can be improved in some way with essential oils.
Legally we cannot say that essential oils cure or treat disease because of Health Canada and the FDA.
But we all know that is mostly because of corporate bureaucracy and red tap associated with pharmaceuticals.
For an approved list of claims that are legally allowed for doTERRA essential oils download this PDF.

Why joining with Mandala Essentials is a good idea and what to expect from Lou Meggiato?

We have a strong vision of excellence in the essential oils industry, focusing on great connections and team building.
While improving the lives of all of the wellness advocates that sign up and register to join.
When you decide to work with us at Mandala Essentials you get a range of benefits.
From coaching to technical support, product support, and even providing you new leads for your venture.
We will work with you to listen to your needs and provide resources to get you into a winning position.

The benefits of the marketing reach at Mandala Essentials?

We are building the largest doTERRA related wellness company in the world and as such.
Offering the best and easiest to use website and marketing mix to support our wellness advocates.
When you decide to be part of Mandala Essentials and join doTERRA we ensure success each step of the way.
Offering websites, forums, social media, email marketing, and more in many languages around the world.
As well as industry datasets, analytics and core insights that help with making clear business decisions.

Ways to connect with Lou Meggiato to ask questions, links to social media, her phone and email?

Speak with Lou Meggiato directly by sending her an email to or visit the contact page.
Click on the social media links in the header menu of the website to follow her.
Also, feel free to send her questions and comments to her various social media profiles.
She is available to coach and mentor you through your journey with this amazing opportunity.

doTERRA resources to download such as PDFs, guides, infographics, and videos

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