Taking Care of Yourself

Hello Lovelies,

Wow!! this is a crazy world that we are living in, right now more so than ever. Some of you might be feeling a little lost or isolated. Some of you might have fears and worries. This is an emotionally charged environment that we are stuck together in and so self-care is very important.

Our emotional health is connected to our physical health, therefore as well as looking after our bodies and homes, we also need to be looking after our minds.

I wanted to share the measures that my family and I are taking to ensure that we are fully supporting our immune systems, keeping our home clean and also caring for our emotional needs at the same time.

For the home:

OnGuard Essential Oil Products doTERRA North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Onguard Foaming Hand Soap – My kids love that this foams a lot!! It also seems to encourage them to not to forget to wash their hands because foam is so irresistible. Yeah mummy win!! Remember we should be washing our hands for at least 20 seconds all the time but now so it’s a must.

Onguard Concentrate – a little goes a long way. I make this up with water in an amber spray bottle with 2 – 3 tablespoons of solution. Glass bottles are preferable when using our essential oils. This product is great for keeping all surfaces of your home clean and smelling great without the worry of toxic chemicals.

Onguard Sanitizing Mist – every member of my family has this in their possession. It smells great and also contains alcohol to help hands to stay sanitized between hand washes.

If you don’t have this one you can make your own using the following recipe:
Fill your bottle 3/4 full of alcohol (make sure it is 60% or higher)
For a 30 ml bottle use 10 drops of onguard essential oil.
You can also add a little aloe vera to soften your hands.

Onguard Washing Detergent – make sure to be washing your clothes and shopping bags regularly. You can also use purify or lavender on your dryer balls too.

For your physical body:

Every member of our family takes supplements to ensure our bodies nutritional needs are met daily. The beauty of the ones we use is that we can all use them and just vary the number of each taken daily depending on age and needs. The supplements suggested below I take 2 of each a day, my hubby takes 4, my teen takes 2 and my pre-teen takes 1 of each.

Lifelong Vitality Supplements – taking daily supplements not only helps your immune function, , it also helps your energy and your general health. The lifelong vitality pack contains your omega oils, your vitamins and minerals as well antioxidants. These are important for stress management, bone health, antioxidant and DNA protection, healthy skin, nails, hair, liver function and both your nervous system and digestive, not forgetting our lungs and respiratory health.

Terrazyme – this is a digestive enzyme complex to help you get more nutritional uptake from your food.

PB Assist – double encapsulated probiotic that delivers over 6 billion CFU’s of active probiotic cultures as well as pre-biotics to help cultivate friendly bacteria growth.

Terragreens – A perfect addition to your daily diet and for supporting your immune health and digestive health because it has a blend of fruits, veggies and super fruits to help you uplevel your daily nutrient intake.

Onguard Softgels – I take one of these daily at bedtime to support a healthy immune response when my body is resting and able to do the work.

If you don’t have these softgels you can make your own :
1 drop of Onguard
1 drop of black pepper
1 drop of oregano
1 drop of Melissa (optional)
A little veggie oil all added together in a veggie cap.

For emotional support:

The quickest way to shift our mood is diffusing. If you have kids at home, this is a great activity for them too. Show them how to use the diffuser, let them help with choosing the oils and teach them how they can be in tune with how they are feeling.

Download this fun worksheet to do with your kids about their feelings and essential oils.

butterfly essential oil and emotions sheets

My kids love the kids kit which comes with brave, stronger, calmer, steady, tamer, rescuer and thinker. They can choose which oils they need to support themselves on any given day.

For me it’s adaptive rolled on regularly as well as all my favourite flower oils, rose, jasmine, magnolia and neroli. Hubby loves adaptive too and a good douse of serenity and balance.

Some of my favs right now:

Adaptiv – the yummy smell of calm and being centred, mixed up in a bottle. It is great to be diffused allowing for the power of emotional support through smell or used topically throughout the day to relieve stress and tension. It’s a blend that combines wild orange, rosemary, copaiba, spearmint, neroli, magnolia and sweet gum.

Serenity – lavender, vanilla, marjoram, ho wood, cedarwood, vetiver, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, vanilla and sandalwood. Serenity is perfect for calming and relaxing. I love to use this in a therapeutic bath before bed and also in my bedroom. I often spray it on my bed linen or diffuse. My hubby likes it add to a spray bottle so he can mist himself with the scent.

Balance – frankincense, ho wood, blue tansy, blue chamomile, osmanthus and spruce make this blend a very calming and grounding aroma. I love to put a drop on the pulse points or the bottom of my feet. I often put it on the bottom of my feet in the morning to connect and ground me for the day. This is one of the oils that my whole family uses every day.

Kids oils – there are 7 to choose from so let you kids make the call. They are much better at listening to their bodies than we are.

Frankincense – the king of oils and a massive dose of PEACE in a bottom. I will often rub this on the back of my neck, my pulse points and my heart. I love to meditate with it too. Rub a drop or two between the palms and breathe deeply. Diffuse in your room with wild orange to create an calm environment.

Copaiba – I use this oil daily, both as an oil and as a softgel. It supports a healthy immune, cardiovascular, nervous and digestive system. It also has powerful antioxidant benefits. I love using the oil on the back of my neck or during meditation. Definitely a peaceful and grounding oil.

Citrus bliss and the citrus oils – citrus oils are great for lifting our spirits and making us feel those happy vibes. It’s like summer time in a bottle. This makes them perfect for diffusing in our homes, to help calm everyone down and lift our mood. Mixing a little peppermint or spearmint with citrus oils can give us energy and motivation too.

Breathe – A great oil to help us to be focused and present. It is also helps to open our airways and allow us to take a deep breathe so I love to use this when practicing mindful breathing and meditation.
Extra tips for supporting yourself :

-Limit your alcohol and sugar intake
-Drink plenty of water. We love to add a drop of lemon oil in a large glass of water to flavour it and help your body detox.
-Eat well and supplement
-Get fresh air and move your body in fun ways regularly
-Limit your stress
-Sleep well
-Do more of the things that make you happy
-If you don’t already have a gratitude practice it might be time to begin one. They say that when our mind is focused on positivity, there is no room for negativity.

Stay well and reach out if you need to chat !!

Lots of love and virtual hugs,


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