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Hello lovelies,

I love beautiful things full stop. Things that feel special. Things that I can treasure. Things that perhaps have a deeper meaning behind them or simply they just make me happy. I have always been this way. A collector of treasures, that I could love or be inspired by. This leads me on to why I wanted to offer beautiful things to you on my website.

I have spent years working with women in all facets of life and business but mostly mentoring and supporting their growth and transformations. I have known that having a community of like-minded women around me was super imperative to my well-being. This goddess mentality of women supporting women. So you might have noticed that an important part of our online store at Mandala Essentials, is our local artisan crafts. That’s because supporting local women in business is integral to us and we also love being able to highlight and uplift others.

I am a woman in business myself and a business that I created. This has been key to my happiness because I love what I do, I am passionate about it and this is the way I choose to live my life. It’s not everyone’s path but it is mine. I knew I always wanted to work for myself and be led by heart rather than other goals. I didn’t figure it out for a while because I tried the other goals, many of them, and they just dimmed my light. On my journey, I have been fortunate enough to have met and been elevated by other women doing the same for themselves and their strength inspired me to believe in myself and my dreams.

There is a lot of gratitude in my heart because I have been able to experience connections with so many talented women, who have also found their passion. Some of these women have become my friends and together we have created products just for you. You deserve to own beautiful things, made with love, for you to love. Each piece was made with intention and each item supports an artist and her family.

This is why I’d like to introduce you to some of the ladies behind the products.

Terra Terrasoul herbs Deep Cove British Columbia Canada
This is Terra and we have collaborated on our Mandala Essentials teas and soon to be released, Yoga Mat Spray. Terra is an initiated traditional animist healer, as well as a folk herbalist and ceremonialist who practices spirit healing and creates self-care rituals, rites of passage ceremonies & organic holistic herbal products for her business Terrasoul herbs from her home in Deep Cove, BC. She is intrigued by the old stories of the land; a history steeped in traditions forgotten, misplaced and caked in a layer of dust. She delights in the surprising nature of plants to show up just when you need them, and the messages they whisper if one dares take a moment to listen. Her dream is to help restore an appreciation of herbal medicine, magic and wholeness through self-care to the daily conscious; one herbal creation, ceremony and healing ritual at a time. Terra is humbled to learn and sing the forgotten songs of her Ancestors, and to partake in the Great Song of the world.

Yoga of Adornment Malas Bracelets Hand Made Craft
This is Camellia, the lady behind the brand ‘Yoga of Adornment’ and she collaborated with us on our range of Malas and Bracelets. Camellia has had a long love affair with jewellery, beginning with her Mom’s art deco pieces, her grandmother’s cameos and now Malas. Malas also known as prayer beads are used for the purpose of offering prayers or chanting mantras. They have a rich a deep history, philosophy and profound power. She create Malas that are infused with the wearers’ deepest longings, wishes, desires for themselves and radiant lives. Each one is one-of-a-kind just like you. She is also a Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Senior Yoga Teacher and a tarot enthusiast. Imagine an energetically aligned piece of sacred jewellery that you can help design and that holds the frequency of your heart’s deepest longing. Camellia works with each of her customers to create pieces that speak to them.

Erin Modest Maverick Song Music Sound Tunes
This is Erin of Modest Maverick. Modest Maverick was inspired by Erin’s previous years living in Tofino BC and it’s an eclectic collection of things that make my heart sing. Erin makes things that speak to her travelling heart and the bohemian goddess in us all. She is also a very talented singer and song writer. We have been collaborating on a yoga blanket and a beautiful scarf which will soon be joining our online store.

We will keep adding things that make us sparkle!

Lou Meggiato xox

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