doTERRA Supplements

doTERRA supplements

When it comes to your health and fitness you should always demand the best quality products at fair prices.

This is the best reason to get started now using doTERRA supplements available with us at Mandala Essentials.

All facets of your physical and mental health are considered when developing these products.

As ingredients within help to balance hormones, benefit bone and teeth health, and make skin and hair pristine.

Benefits of using doTERRA supplements?

1) Best in class quality fitness and health supplements with a balanced vitamin, mineral, and nutrient ratio

2) Buying and using these supplements monthly qualifies you for becoming a Wellness Advocate and earning money

3) As a retail customer you can order them very easily online with us and have automated refills sent

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What options are there for Vegans?

The capsules used for some of the health products are vegetarian and not complete vegan, however they do have vegan supplement options which ensure a totally plant based nutrition program.

Keeping in mind these supplements are designed for everyone no matter how you choose to eat or drink.

How well does your body absorb these supplements?

The products available are designed to mimic natural processes in the body that would come as a result of eating food for nutrition, so the enzymes and uptake of the ingredients ensure complete absorption.

What products are available?

Children’s, Digestive Health, Specialized, Women’s, Daily and Greens

Make money and take control of your health!

By using doTERRA supplements as part of a daily health and fitness ritual you will ensure optimal quality of life, while allowing you to earn income for yourself as a Wellness Advocate if you tell your friends and family about the products you are using.

It is very easy to get people using the products as the results speak for themselves, your nails and hair begin to start growing 5 times faster and your skin feels soft and smooth, as every function of the body is benefitted.

What kind of physical results can you see?

Most companies will not mention this part of the process, but it is very important to eat a balanced diet with the right amount of caloric intake daily to ensure subtle progression to your goals.

As well eating a whole food diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is critical to success going hand in hand with the supplements.

You will not see the same results alone by just adding these products, combine it with proper food based nutrition and hydration, as well as a regular exercise and fitness program.

What countries can you buy these supplements online?

Products can be shipped or couriered to the following places around the globe.

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala
South America: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador
Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Phillippines, Singapore, Russia, Australia, New Zealand
Europe: Andorra, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Portugal, Croatia, Israel, Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Malta, United Kingdom, Germany

If you want the best supplements in the world at fair prices, contact us to chat and download PDF.

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