The Yogi’s Guide to Diffusing


Download the Yogi’s Guide to Diffusing to learn how to incorporate essential oils in your yoga class with a diffuser. This eBook is 50 pages in length and contains over 300 diffuser blends for dozens of yoga class applications to improve mindfulness and wellness, as well as high definition photos of yoga poses and lifestyle imagery. There are many ways to enjoy this electronic book guide so check out my video below. You don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy this book though, as it offers creative diffuser blends for everyone to enjoy at the home or office. With content and graphic creation developed by Lou Meggiato of Mandala Essentials. Lou is a Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance as well as a Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and a Registered Aromatherapist in British Columbia Canada.

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This ebook guide is the kind of book I wished was already out there for me when I first started playing with yoga and essential oils over 6 years ago. It isn’t just pretty pictures and a few blends, this guide was created in fact for you to get the most out of your yoga experience, whether that is at home on your mat or teaching a class to a room full of students.

There are 50 pages in total. These include 3 worksheets for creativity and play, plus 38 pages of beautiful photography each page having 9 different unique essential oil blends.

The guide was created in this way so that you can easily access the blends you want to work with but also so you can print and share a class or theme with yoga students too. We have done the hard work for you.

In the chakra section we have picked oils that work with each chakra. In the theme section we have picked oils that emotionally work with that theme. In the class section we have worked with oils that follow the flow of the class from playful, uplifting, relaxing, deepening, stillness, gentleness, movement and renewing.

Our hope is that this guide helps you get playful and creative in your practice or teaching.