Peach Moonstone Crystal Bracelet


Soothes worry and anxiety and Swarkovski crystals – so you remember how to sparkle. With silver lotus.

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Before you can truly love others, we must learn to love ourselves. Foster love and compassion for yourself. Care for yourself as much as you care for others. Create boundaries, not walls. Talk to yourself with loving words and kindness. Cherish you. Allow yourself the time to do what you need to be you. Feel whole, be connected, cherished, loved and divinely beautiful you. Dare to love all of you.

After years of self-growth I have learnt that self- love is not outside of who you are. It is you and only you can change how you see yourself. I have had the opportunity to work with so many beautiful souls who lacked the ability to see their radiance, strength, value and worth in this world. This mala was created with love, for love.

Peach moonstone – soothes worry and anxiety

Swarkovski crystals – so you remember how to sparkle