Limitless Mala


The only one that can limit you is ‘you’. You are enough. Do you know that? Most of us don’t yet. This adventure called life is ours for the taking if we can just step out of our own way. You are amazing. Own that! Dare to sparkle. Dare to be brave. Dare to be you. The world needs your light.

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My love for the ocean and forest. How raw and open nature makes us feel while also feeling loved and fully supported.


Amazonite – female power and creating boundaries
Aventurine – vitality, growth and confidence
Turquoise – wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion
Lava – strength and stability through change
Cedarwood – releases negative vibes

What is a Mala?

A mala is a garland of beads often used for meditation, mantra or prayer. Using a mala in meditation helps to focus the mind, bringing about calm and peace. Traditionally in some religions such as Buddhism,  108 beads were used to symbolize the 108 kleshas (afflictions of the mind) There is also a guru bead and this is said to symbolize the student/teacher relationship. The tassel on the end symbolizes oneness, consciousness and connection. The crystals and materials that the malas are made of carry their own potent energies which infuse into the wearers daily practice and intentions.

Our Malas

Our collection is a collaboration between Mandala Essentials founder, Lou and her friend, Camellia. Camellia is a reiki healer, a yoga teacher and a designer of beautiful jewellery. The gem stones used in these pieces were chosen for their qualities and intentions to help you discover your divine you.