Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet


Clears and cleanses. Amplifies our intentions and Swarkovski crystals – so you remember how to sparkle.

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It can be hard to find the silence in the busy world we live in. The world that tells us we are not enough. You are enough. More than enough. When we experience peace we can switch off the external noise of others. We can find the tranquility of body, mind and soul. We can cease to be the human doing and embrace the human being. Just be. Just breathe. Just be you.

Bigger isn’t better. More isn’t better. We live in a world where nothing is ever enough until we say stop, enough is enough. I said no and my life path changed. Everyday I choose peace, happiness and being me as I am, over having, doing and the never enough. Choose what makes you happy and you’ll find peace right alongside it.

Clear Quartz – amplification of intentions, cleansing and clearing
Swarkovski crystals – so you remember how to sparkle