Boss Babe Essential Oil Blend – Exclusive Limited Edition


Boss babes are women doing life their way. Following their passions and sharing their talents with the world. They know they are worth chasing their dreams and that no dream is too big. This is a big and powerful blend that encourages women to unapologetically be themselves. Read below for the full details.

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It combines the zest and enthusiasm of Lime and flavors an abundant, not scarcity mindset, with Wild Orange. Bergamot brings about self acceptance, while Patchouli guides us to an appreciation for our physical form. Roman Chamomile is a powerful reminder of our gifts and purpose on this earth. Cedarwood brings with it community and the knowledge that you are not alone in your journey. We also have oils in this blend that quieten the mind so that we can focus on being present and enjoying this adventure called life. Use this blend daily on your pulse points to support your emotional body and help you take each day in your stride with positive determination.


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