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Hello Lovelies

I know this year has been more challenging than most, for pretty much everyone I know or have met. It has taken us through experiences that have not happened before to any of us in this life time and the future is unknown. More unknown than we have ever had to deal with. That in itself has been overwhelming for many. 

I can say it has brought me to some of my lowest moments but also some of my brightest too.  

It’s been a year of re-evaluating every facet of your life from work to finances to how you spend your time and with whom.  

For me it’s been a chance to really step back and figure out how I want to spend my days. We only have one life my friends and you really should know that you deserve the life that you really want, which might not be the one you are currently living. We also only have one responsibility and that is for our own happiness. You can not give that power away to anyone else. It is for you to hold onto.  

So I want to ask you ……. are you a caretaker in your life ? Caring for kids or family or friends ? Do you fill everyone else’s cup at the detriment of your own ? Are you a people pleaser who finds it increasingly difficult to say no to people ? Do you take time for yourself regularly ? Can you remember the last time you took a day or a weekend solely for you and your needs ? If this speaks to you, know that you aren’t alone in this plight. We have been moulded into a society that lacks self-love and self-worth. Our worthiness to others helps us to feel we are needed and important. This can only last for a finite amount of time before you reach physical and emotional burnout. 

I am a firm believer that self care is an absolute necessity and not a luxury. In fact I would say I am a self love, worth and care advocate for all those I cross paths with and most importantly for myself. I have never seen so much emotional overwhelm and chaos before. Caring for self is like putting on your life jacket before saving anyone else. We shouldn’t be putting ourselves last.

We should be our own priority because if we don’t value ourselves enough to do this then who else will put us first. It is no-one else’s responsibility to do that for us. It is all up to us. So today if you are reading this I am giving you permission to follow your wants and needs before helping others. It is not selfish nor should you feel guilty for thinking about yourself in this caring way. Indeed I think you should be applauded and rewarded for your bravery. It isn’t easy path to take but it is so worth it  

I have made it part of my mission in life to find my happiness every day and help others to do the same without the shame, or fear of the opinion of others.   

I’m excited to share that I recently wrote a book that focuses on this very self care bravery because I know we all deserve the magic and sparkle that life holds for us when we see that we have earned that right to be happy. This is the first of many offerings. 

Fostering our healing journey is often expedited when we can take time out to be nurtured, guided, loved and connected with other like-minded souls. A break from the norm to enjoy joy, spirit, healing practices and inner quiet without responsibilities and a to-do list. 

This is why at Mandala Essentials we are excited to share our beautiful WOMEN’S RETREATS with you. What we offer is an opportunity to embark on a new way of thinking and being, to get playful with your path and focus in on your life. These retreats hold space for you to grow and be nurtured for the special and amazing person that you are.  

We are offering both one day and weekend retreats so that you can choose what works for you. We didn’t want financial or time constraints to be a deterrent and so we offer both options. A day away can be a perfect respite to the norm or you can choose a weekend away to immerse yourself, allowing you to deep dive into your healing and self care journey. 

We collaborate with many amazing women holistic practitioners to bring you variety of teachings and new experiences with plant therapy, yoga, meditation, ceremony and self care practices. You will come away from this experience feeling lighter and illuminated. You will have tools that you can use ongoing.  Check out our events page for current offerings, booked dates and more information in regards to the different retreats.  

If you have a group of women that you think would benefit from one of our retreats and you would like to chat about hosting an event with us please use this contact form to send us more details and requirements. We love getting creative to help you serve your own community. 

Let me leave you with these parting words…… you are enough, in fact you are more than enough and you deserve pure magic in your life. 

With love and light, 

Lou Meggiato


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