Replenish Yoga Class

Replenish Online Yoga Class using Zoom Video Chat Vancouver Canada 3256456437

18 April 2021 (10am-12pm PST/ 1pm-3pm EST/ 6pm-8pm GMT)   We often treat ourselves like we are machines and even when areas, of our very being, begin to warn us that all is not as it should be. So many will ignore the signs and push through until they reach overwhelm or their breaking point. Some will give themselves a little reprieve when they reach empty but not enough to shift the ever-repeating cycle of burnout and exhaustion. What would happen if we changed the pattern and the trajectory of our life story by learning skills that would help us not only to break this cycle but would allow us to take care of ourselves.

Caring for the self so that we might show up better for the others in our lives. To be a happy woman or mama we need to realize that our health and connectedness to ourselves is not a luxury but a priority. Self care needs to be a non-negotiable, not a “I don’t have time for” There needs to be a massive shift that allows us to support ourselves while navigating motherhood or caring for others. Replenish is about making a mind shift and giving ourselves permission to care more deeply for ourselves. It’s about gaining the understanding and the tools that allow us to fill up our cup every day. Also, the knowledge how to achieve this and why we would want to create these invaluable habits. Replenish is about creating the foundation to a healthy and happy life for you.

This class is the fourth in a series of classes that are based around self-care, self-love and self-worth. This is a monthly offering online LIVE on zoom.

This is a live class and will NOT BE RECORDED because we wish to honour the sacredness of the class, the energy exchanged and those who show up to do this work. These classes are very much about community and creating change for ourselves through the support and encouragement of others on the same path. It is also about making space for yourself to heal, to grow, to nurture and to explore. 

We will use yoga, meditation, mantra and essential oils (optional) to move beyond the physical to emotional and spiritual realms. Expect to play and have fun!

Self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Let me guide you in this practice of learning to put your own joy and happiness first .

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. A blanket or large scarf to wrap around you. 

What should I have on hand?

A reusable water bottle, a pillow or cushion to sit on, a yoga mat, a yoga strap/belt or tie, yoga props if you have them, a note book and pen plus an open mind.

What is the cost?

Your investment for the class is $20 CDN 

What is included?

A 2 hour live yoga session plus time afterwards to connect with the community. You will also receive a pdf workbook. We will be adding to this for each class during 2021.  

How many spaces do you have and what is the class set up?

We like to keep our classes smaller even when they are online so that everyone can be seen and guided. During the class cameras can be on or off so that we can connect energetically and see each other if you choose but also so that you can receive assistance in the practice. Please pre-book to make sure you can join us.   

Where can I register?
Right here.