doTERRA Prime Meridian Health Clinics Canada United States

Prime Meridian Health Clinics Canada

Have you heard the news? doTERRA has opened and is expanding their private medical centres in the United States and soon into Canada, under the name of Prime Meridian Health Clinics!

These will be private places where you can speak with a doctor about your health needs in a way that overlaps a more holistic approach to wellness, including essential oils, healthy lifestyle, sound eating habits and more.

Anyone can join Prime Meridian, and the website has the following to say:

“We combine proven methods of healthcare delivery with a subscription model to make managing your healthcare needs as easy as possible”

Starting at $99 per month per person you can become a member of this new trending medical centre in the United States and soon coming to Canada and other places around the world.

There are over 40,000 people who are signed up with them and you should definitely consider it for yourself and your family.

Some of the key benefits include a minimum 30 minute consult with your doctor every time you visit the clinic, and options of doing telemedicine from the comfort of your home or office, as well they have negotiated some of the best prices available on prescriptions, vaccines, and various lab testing that may be needed.

Think of Prime Meridian Health Clinics as one part traditional medical centre, mixed with a holistic approach and a sprinkle of technology for improved accessibility.

The brand new flagship location is across the street from the doTERRA head office, spa, and campus.

You can keep in touch with corporate updates about the growth of this new medical centre by connecting with doTERRA on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Now, as a Canadian we are very excited about this coming into Canada, as we need a shake up of conventional processes associated with medical testing and general health and wellness.

You can read more about these new medical centres by visiting this news website.

Photos of the new Prime Meridian Health Clinic in Utah United States (flagship location)

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