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doTERRA Marketing Advertising using WordPress WooCommerce

When it comes to operating and growing a successful doTERRA essential oils business as a Wellness Advocate, being part of the best team and having precise and effective marketing and advertising systems is critical.

At Mandala Essentials we have an in house team of specialists who work with our website, but are also able to consult and help you with your website design needs.

As the more effective we are collectively from top down within our team, the more benefits we all share.

With over 20+ years experience doing internet marketing and website development, you have come to the right place.

Key things to keep in mind when developing an eCommerce website to serve your Wellness Customers:

1) Having all of the products, photos, and descriptions uploaded locally for ease of reading
2) Ensuring that your website is user friendly and readable on all operating systems and browsers
3) Creating unique story telling that shares your value propositions clearly and builds trust
4) Retaining each website visitor by getting them to join your email newsletter or contacting
5) Lastly, truly having a crisp and fast loading website ensures a high conversion/retention rate

Note: Having a clear call to action on each touch point of your digital advertising is crucial.

Keeping things are simple as possible while still disseminating the value propositions.

What we can offer you in terms of support services for building your doTERRA business:


-Website development and customizations using themes
-Create custom plugins or edit existing ones
-Hosting your website on a local IP address
-Setup your content management system and explain it
-Anything to do with WordPress we can handle


-Quick import of all of the doTERRA products using a .zip file
-Connect your shop with our API or RSS/XML feeds for realtime updates
-Online store checkout optimization and framing for conversions
-Help you track sales and earn profits using your unique ID tag
-Customize your online shopping experience matching your brand

*the doTERRA API will be coming soon and help with scaling and connecting online essential oil product sales from your digital store to the backend of software for realtime checkouts and payment attribution between wellness advocate and corporate

Pay Per Click

-We can manage your PPC on Bing, Google, Baidu, Yandex and other search engines
-Consult with you on minimizing clicks through sales funnel to ensure a high conversion
-Optimize the bidding process so you pay the least amount possible for results
-Geo-targeting your paid click campaigns for country and language specific metrics

Search Engine Optimization

-There are many factors that go into designing a successful SEO strategy
-We create a tree diagram for your business website to layout user flow and sitemap
-Auditing your existing website or building you one from scratch
-This is our strongest value proposition and very important for longevity
-Getting you the best search engine results page (SERP) rankings

Content Marketing

-This form of internet marketing is wonderful as the content is usually evergreen
-Which means it can be re-shared time and time again and still be valid and up to date
-We help you research the top semantic language terms you need to get the best results
-Creating a sense of authenticity in publishing unique content for your doTERRA business

Email Marketing

-This is the last great pillar of internet marketing and is awesome for customer retention
-Email newsletter updates to subscribers have the best conversion of all formats
-We help you create a publishing timeline so you can capture, retain, and convert
-Sending emails can be fully automated but we do suggest careful consideration here
-We will discuss with you the options based on your needs for your specific goals

Customer Retention Marketing

CRM is a growing concept, as it costs less to retain a customer then get a new one
-We setup automated email and social media processes that mirror your customers needs, wants, and actions
-We are developing unique systems to retain the best customers for your essential oils company
-Using a software that speaks well with your other marketing tools is critical, using an API

Custom Website Development

-Of course we offer WordPress and WooCommerce design services, but also custom work
-You do not necessarily need to use these content management systems (CMS), it depends on your goals
-Speaking with the Wellness Advocates on our team we ensure you have the web presence that suits you
-Sometimes a simple landing page with minimal content and photos works best

General Technology Consulting

-Answering all of your questions about security, scalability, and anything related to your growth
-As you get momentum you will find issues arise with your website, social media, or similar
-We can walk you through answers to all of the questions you have to ensure you keep moving forward
-Technical questions about customer service, using your smart phone efficiently and so much more
-If you have a question or concern about anything to do with leveraging technology, we have the answer

Press Release Syndication

-The network of websites we have access to can ensure your press release (PR) gets a wide distribution
-You can pay for this service separately, but we do offer this to the builders on our team
-Public relations is an important part of growing a successful network business

Blog Writing, Photography, Video

-If you need access to writers and photographers for various functions, we have them in house
-We can create content in multiple languages to ensure it is well received by your customers
Blogging is an important part of success on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
-Creating best in class videos for your YouTube channel, doing editing and uploading for you

We are building a global technology platform for our doTERRA essential oils business.

Welcoming the best highly motivated Wellness Advocates to join our team. Is that you?

If you want to enrol with doTERRA or perhaps you have already enrolled, we want to talk with you!

Contact us using the form on the website to ask questions or comments.