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Mama and Daughter Retreat

Hello lovelies,

I wear many hats but one of my favourites is being a mama. I truly love teaching classes and sharing hope and self-care but this weekend I got to teach with my daughter there, which was very special.

Mama Daughter Essential Oils Aromatherapy Retreat North Vancouver

A relationship between a mother and daughter can be a gift and a challenge. We often don’t have the time or the space to appreciate this enough though because of other external factors in our lives such as other siblings or busy schedules.

My mama and daughter retreat is a chance to spend quality time with your child. It’s time to grow and learn together. It’s a time to listen and understand rather than to answer. It’s a time for your child to shine and for you to get out of your comfort zone in a safe space with other like minded mamas. It’s also a chance for you both to learn self care tools together that you can continue to implement into your life when you get home.

Our afternoon together included massage, essential oils, yoga, guided relaxation, breathing techniques, art, journaling and positive affirmations.

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If you’d like to organise your own retreat for a group then please contact us for more details.

Much love,

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