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The Importance of Touch

Hello Lovelies,

Did you know that our first sense we get to experience is touch?

And we experience it on such a profound level before we even enter the world, right inside our mamas bellies.

Touch is a basic human need and without it our physical and emotional health suffer. It is the connection and reassurance that each and every one of us need to thrive. Seriously if you don’t believe me then please go and give someone you care about a really juicy heartfelt hug and hold for at least 3 seconds. Want to make it more meaningful? Try heart to heart. How does it feel? I can tell you how it makes me feel. It feels like I matter and that I am loved.

It’s sad to think how disconnected we have become in every way. School teachers afraid to hug their students, the elderly community spending days without another to hold their hand or a couple out at dinner and where once they would hold hands and look at each other and engage – they are both engaged on their smartphones.

I have literally made it my mission over the last decade to share the power of safe loving touch with parents, caregivers, my yoga students, my clients, my friends, my family and those looking to give back. Oh and by the way I have never had a single person say “please stop” or “I don’t like touch” or “you are going to massage me again?!”

Safe loving touch is inherently needed by every single human being.

So if you’d like to learn more, we offer both trainings and workshops in how to offer massage and touch that nurture the body and spirit of anyone young or old.

We also offer treatments too if it’s you that needs a little self care and nurturing.

Find out what we are all about at the Vancouver Convention Centre this weekend on Saturday October 26th at both the Vancouver Health Show and the Vancouver Baby and Family Show.

Vancouver Health Show – The Power of Touch from 1145am to 1215pm.

Vancouver Baby and Family Show – Bonding through Safe loving Touch from 115pm to 145pm.

Vancouver Baby and Family Show

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