doTERRA Healthy Start Enrollment Kit Collection USA Canada

100 Ways to Use the Healthy Start Enrollment Kit

Hello lovelies,

Getting started with essential oils was honestly the best decision that I ever made for myself and my family’s well being and happiness.

I know getting started, when you are new to oils, can seem super overwhelming but things just got even easier with the new Healthy Start Enrollment Kit (PDF).

It comes with 10 amazing essential oils and a cute and very portable diffuser. This means you can take it everywhere that you go! It also comes with free membership to my beautiful global community, which includes help from me and my team to get you comfortable on this health and wellness journey that we share together.

doTERRA Healthy Start Enrollment Kit USA Canada

There are 4 blends and 6 single oils in this kit and they are:

Deep Blue
Digest Zen / Zengest
Breath / Air / Easy Air
Tea Tree / Melaleuca

I love how versatile this kit is and just to show you how expansive the uses of these oils are, I have listed 100 ways to use these 10 beautiful oils below. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Deep Blue

Cooling, soothing and supporting. This oil is my daily go to.

1. Gymbag buddy – rub onto muscles before or after a workout, the gym, a run or your yoga class to reduce discomfort.
2. Growing pains – when your kids experience discomfort due to growth spurts, add a few drops of deep blue to carrier oil and massage onto legs before bed.
3. Inflammed joints – Massage onto areas of discomfort to reduce swelling, For example, wrists, knees, elbows and hands.
4. Massage – Earn extra marks with your partner by giving them a back massage with this oil. Add 1-2 drops to your carrier oil and apply. They will thank you for it I promise.
5. Bruises – Gently massage over bruises to reduce the swelling.
6. Muscle support – this oil provides a wonderful warming sensation to muscles. Next time you feel a cramp or discomfort try rubbing this oil on.
7. Sitting too long – when we sit or stand for too long our bodies can complain and if we do that for work it can make our days a challenge. Use deep blue to relieve the aches.
8. Repeat, repeat, repeat – many people’s jobs require them to make repetitive movements like typing. Rub deep blue in hands and wrists or other areas that are feeling the need for support.
9. Use often – using this oil often will help your body to have and maintain cells that have normal inflammatory response.
10. Moving – whether you are moving, helping a friend or just lifting heavy things, we often overdo it. Use deep blue for lower back support if your back is feeling strained.


This oil is our family favourite especially during the colder months when we face more environmental and seasonal challenges. A great oil for supporting your immune system and keeping your home clean.

1. Diffuse 5-8 drops in your diffuser to keep the germs at bay especially at those times of year where seasonal challenges are rife.
2. Clean hands – make a hand sanitizer to take with you. Take a small 30ml glass bottle and add about 15 drops of onguard and water. Shake and spray.
3. On the road or plane or train. Dirty tray tables, door handles and so much more are no match for your onguard hand spray. I spray that stuff on everything!!
4. Super power – for those days you are feeling less like yourself, rub a drop of onguard onto the bottom of your feet to boost your immune.
5. Stinky laundry – for those of you who have kids or partners whose sports gear needs a new home or some serious decontamination try adding 2 drops of onguard and 2 drops of purify to your washing detergent. You can also add a few drops to your dryer balls.
6. Keep on singing – when your throat is feeling challenged by seasonal threats try gargling with onguard and water or making a hot drink with a drop of onguard in.
7. Breathe clean – a clean home is a happy home. Add onguard to air filters in your home or car to help end stale air straight from the source.
8. Gym buddy – wipe down gym equipment with onguard and water in a spray bottle to keep the shared germs from coming home with you.
9. Bath time – add 5-6 drops of onguard to half a cup of baking soda for a natural alternative for cleaning your tub.
10. Happy teeth – keep your toothbrush fresh by leaving it overnight in a glass of water with 3-5 drops of onguard in, swish with onguard and water for a healthy mouth and it can even be added to your toothpaste or directly to your teeth and gums to soothe irritations.

Digest Zen / Zengest

This oil is perfect for supporting your digestive system and smells divine too.

1. Tummy grumbles – massage 1-2 drops with carrier oil onto your tummy to help with occasional digestive issues.
2. Car companion – diffuse this in your car or smell from the bottle for anyone feeling a little queezy from the drive.
3. Flying high – take this oil with you to avoid being left without support if the turbulence hits and your tummy isn’t too happy about it.
4. Stinky breath – love garlic, onion or other stinky foods but don’t want to taste it later or share that with your friends ? Try 1-2 drops in 4-6 ounces of water as a mouth wash.
5. Kids – an alternative to rubbing it on them is adding a drop to their bath water to support keeping them regular.
6. Comfort food – we all have a fav restaurant or take away dish that we love to get but we know it isn’t the healthiest. To support your stomach after rich or greasy food, begin by taking the digestive blend in a veggie cap prior to eating.
7. Holiday helper – we all over indulge at holidays or even on holiday so use the digestive blend to ease the discomfort and support your body digesting.
8. Feeling the pressure – this blend is great for helping reduce tension and sinus pressure. Try rubbing it onto the temples.
9. Out of your routine – life sometimes gets busy and we skip meals, or eat at strange times. This can lead to a ‘not so happy’ digestive system. Try this blend to support you.
10. Hello again – sometimes after we have eaten we experience our food all over again except it hasn’t been invited. Try taking 1 drop of the digestive blend in water or a non dairy milk to soothe.

Breath / Air / Easy Air

This oil is clean, clear and fresh. Perfect for supporting our respiratory system.

1. Stuffed up for those times of year you need to help clear your airways, try a couple of drops in the palm of your hand and 4-5 nice deep breaths.
2. Snorers beware – if you snore or have someone who does in the house, this oil can help open up those airways. Add a drop of this blend to their big toes.
3. Wakey wakey – this oil is great for boosting your ability to focus and concentrate. If you are feeling sleepy in the morning
4. Travel buddy – stuck in the confines of a car, bus, plane or train can sometimes feel stuffy with all that stagnant air which can feel claustrophobic. Use this blend to clear space emotionally and mentally.
5. Night night – Add a drop or two to your child’s pillow to help them sleep through the night especially if they won’t let you rub the oil onto them.
6. Workout time – try applying breathe to your chest before a workout and placing a drop in your hand, rubbing your palms together and then taking 3-4 deep breathes.
7. Sleep support – diffuse Breathe at bedtime or keep in a roll-on bottle by the bedside to roll on chest and feet to help you sleep better during respiratory discomfort.
8. All blocked up – there is nothing worse than feeling all blocked up during these colder months. Try adding a drop of Breathe and wintergreen to a bowl or sink of hot water. Place a towel over your head and the bowl, close your eyes and breathe deeply to feel clean and clear.
9. Furry friends – if you are spending time at someone’s place and they have animals and this causes you to experience symptoms of discomfort. Try rubbing Breathe on your chest and under your noise before you arrive.
10. In the classroom – Breathe is a great blend to diffuse in the classroom to help support respiration through the seasonal changes but also to help kids be present and focus.


Known for its soothing and relaxing properties, this oil has a lot of love to give us emotionally and physically.
1. Buzz off – if summer sees you fending off the biting critters and dealing with the after itch, try adding lavender directly onto the bite or sting for some immediate relief
2. Achoo – if you suffer from seasonal challenges lavender can help. For extra support add peppermint and lemon. You can diffuse these 3 in equal parts, or make a rollerball or even put 2 drops of each in a veggie cap.
3. Sleepy – make a mister with lavender and water and spray pillows and bedding for a restful sleep.
4. Time to relax – this oil oozes relaxation. Take a therapeutic bath with either Epsom or carrier oil and about 5 drops of lavender. Fill the tub with warm water and take 20 minutes to soak.
5. Ouch – add a few drops of lavender and tea tree together to make your kids an owie spray. Calming, healing and antiseptic.
6. Dry skin – if you are experiencing dry skin you can add lavender to your body lotion then massage and enjoy.
7. Too much sun – use aloe vera and lavender to soothe skin that has had too much sun.
8. Hottie – there are times we accidently touch things that are way too hot. Cool your skin with cool water first and then apply lavender to give the skin relief.
9.For him – try getting your guy to use lavender after shaving to soothe and soften his skin as well as lessening the chances of redness and soreness.
10. Be calm – feelings of anxiety are a challenge for many of us. Try rubbing on the back of the neck, inner wrists and heart to help relieve stress.


This oil is not just for pizzas. It’s a great cleansing and immune boosting oil.

1. Immune support – make your own oil of Oregano. Add a few drops of oregano essential oil to a small bottle of olive oil with a dropper. Take a drop or two of the mixture at the first sign of seasonal challenges.
2. Flavor – oregano is great to add to dishes. You only need a little though so try putting a few drops in a bowl or on a spoon. Then use a toothpick to add it to your paste sauce or dish and add this way until you get the desired taste.
3. Feet support – to protect yourself and your kiddos from extra action at the pool or shared spaces where you have had to walk in bare feet, try applying a drop of thyme and a drop of oregano to 6 drops of fractionated coconut oil to your feet once you get home.
4. Warm up – a drop of oregano with a few drops of fractionated coconut oil can really help to warm up hands and feet that are feeling cold.
5. Defense – this oil is great for those dark and damp places in your house like the corners of the shower, under the sink, window trims. Try adding 3 drops of oregano to water and shake and spray.
6. Digestion – sometimes our digestive system isn’t too happy especially when things that were not invited take a visit. Use oregano to help you’re your body deal with impurities.
7. Time for tea – add a drop to your tea for an extra boost on a cold winters day.
8. Summer time – when it’s time to get your feet out and into flip flops and sandals oregano can be a big help. Use it to soften rough spots and cuticles by applying 1 drop of oregano with 6 drops of fractionated coconut oil to problem areas.
9. All stuffed up – a drop of oregano in a veggie cap can help us to deal with respiratory gunk and promote clear breathing.
10. Appies – add a drop of oregano and a drop of basil to olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a tasty bread dip.


This oil is fresh, cheerful and full of summer. Think clean, bright and purifying.

1. Road trippin’ – make your car a more pleasant space on your long car journey by either using lemon in your diffuser or putting a few drops on cotton balls and spreading over the vents.
2. Detox – what better way to start your day than with a large glass of water. However some of us find the idea of that challenging. Add a drop of lemon to a large glass of water to lift the taste and help your body detox.
3. Sticky mess – if you need some help to get sticky label residue off items try using lemon oil on your cloth.
4. Clean kitchen – lemon essential oil is amazing for cutting through kitchen greasy grime.
5. Happy vibes – citrus oils especially lemon are super uplifting. Try smelling it directly from the bottle, from your hands or putting it into your diffuser to lift the energy.
6. Cooking – we love to add lemon to our baking especially lemon poppy seed loaf and in our icing too. Add a little zesty pep to your recipe by adding a few drops of lemon.
7. Study help – add lemon to peppermint in your diffuser to help you or your kids focus better. This is a great classroom helper for teachers. Mint and citrus essential oils make a motivating combo.
8. Stinky- ness – sometimes when we are cooking the smell can fill up our whole home. To neutralize the smell of stinky food, diffuse lemon essential oil.
9. Fruit – want to stop your fruit from browning and preserve it until you are ready to eat it ? try spraying lemon essential oil onto cut fruit.
10. Stainless – want a cleaner for your stainless steel or in fact your whole kitchen. Mix lemon essential oil with olive oil for your stainless and for a general purifying cleaner add to water and white vinegar.


This oil is clean, crisp and clear. It’s an oil that helps us to be very present and focused.

1. Focus help – this oil is great for helping you to focus so it makes the perfect homework helper. Try breathing from the bottle, your hands or diffusing it.
2. Tummy time – ease stomach discomfort by rubbing peppermint on your belly.
3. Head tension – feeling tension or stress, try applying a drop of peppermint to the back of your neck and forehead with lavender and fractionated coconut oil.
4. Driving all night long – this oil is a perfect companion when you have a long drive ahead. Taking deep breathes of this oil can help wake you up and focus. Don’t forget to take regular breaks too on your journey.
5. Running partner – a drop or two in the palm of your hand and several nice deep breathes taken from your cupped hands will do wonders for your respiratory system and help you have a more productive run.
6. Hot feet – peppermint is great for helping you cool down, especially hot and overworked feet. Try applying with a cold compress or foot soak.
7. Stinky breath – try peppermint and lemon in water to swish with to give you
8. Too warm – try adding a few drops of peppermint to a glass spray bottle of water to spritz on you when you are feeling too hot.
9. Stop the munchies – diffusing peppermint can be a great way to help you from over eating.
10. Joints – It’s a great way to cool joints and can be used for occasional muscle or joint discomfort. Apply peppermint with FCO to the area of concern.


This is our peaceful and grounding oil. It is soothing and supporting.

1. Meditation – I love the peaceful and grounding effect of frankincense. Apply a few drops to your hands, cup and breathe deeply then apply to the bottom of the feet. Enjoy the connection and grounding this oil affords us.
2. Head tension – if you are feeling head tension or a lack of clarity try rubbing a drop of frankincense along the back of the neck.
3. Pamper your hands – a day of gardening can wreak havoc with your skin so try rubbing in frankincense into those tired, dry and overworked hands.
4. Tub time – take a relaxing therapeutic bath with frankincense to help restore peace and calm.
5. Nails – applying a drop of frankincense to nails can help to strengthen them.
6. Face it – frankincense is amazing for the skin. Try adding a drop or two to your skincare routine. You can add directly to your face lotion or add the frankincense to a carrier oil and apply to problem areas.
7. So dry – use frankincense to help with dry skin especially in the winter months. Add a few drops to an unscented cream or carrier oil and massage on.
8. Muscle relief – sometimes our muscles can give us discomfort. Try frankincense with a cold compress after a workout or to cool down on a hot day. You could also use it with a hot compress when dealing with occasional cramps or tired muscles.
9. Let go – this is a great oil for letting go of stress and anxiety. Try diffusing it. For a positive mood pick me up add a drop of frankincense, peppermint and wild orange to your palm and breathe in.
10. Happy Cells – take a drop in a veggie cap to support healthy cells.

Tea Tree / Melaleuca

This is an oil that is super cleansing for us and our homes.

1. Stinky laundry – try putting a few drops in your washing detergent
2. Clean ‘loo’ – you can use tea tree to make a toilet cleaner. Try adding 10 drops of tea tree to half a cup of baking soda and a quarter of a cup of white vinegar. Now you have a natural toilet (loo in the UK) toilet cleaner.
3. Kids will be kids – ever had a little one draw on themselves with permanent marker. Try tea tree to remove it.
4. Fresh bed – spray tea tree onto your mattress pad when changing the sheets for a fresh clean pad. Let it air dry.
5. Baby bums – diaper rash isn’t nice for anyone but tea tree has your back and bum! Try adding fractionated coconut oil, tea tree, lavender and frankincense to help make a diaper spray for irritated little bums.
6. Athletes – if you are showering and walking in areas of high traffic with bare feet try applying tea tree after.
7. Cleaning – for an all natural cleaning spray for use all around your home and especially those damp areas, try 10 drops of tea tree in a glass spray bottle with water.
8. Boost your immune – diffuse tea tree or apply to the bottom of your feet. Combine the support with applying a drop of onguard to the feet too.
9. Adventure partner – if you are heading hiking or camping or both then take tea tree. It is a great oil because of its cleansing properties so very handy for scrapes and irritations.
10. Fresh wash – some types of clothing can start to smell musty in your washing machine. Add tea tree to your detergent to help neutralize.

As always, know that all recommendations are based on my personal experience and are only in reference to doTERRA Essential Oils, not any other brand on the market. What I share on this blog is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any kind of health ailment.

If you haven’t discovered essential oils yet, this is an amazing kit to begin with and we’d be happy to help you get started.



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