doTERRA Healthy Essentials Enrollment Kit

Healthy Essentials Enrollment Kit

Hello Lovelies!

Oh my I’m so excited!! Thank you doTERRA !! I have to share that it’s because I’m in love with the brand new Healthy Essentials Kit that was just released this week!! It is just the perfect overall combo to support your body, mind and home. It is also an easy way to start your journey with essential oils. These are oils that my family and I all use every single day and now you can get them too in this super functional and simple to use kit.

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It comes with the new version of the Petal Diffuser which is straightforward to use and easy to clean. My kids love this one in their bedrooms and their classroom because its one that they find easy to use and look after. It’s also pretty robust so if they knock it over it isn’t going to shatter and if the water and oil spill it won’t make a crazy mess. This gives them chance to be in charge and learn without mum being worried about cleaning up or them breaking anything.

The kit also includes the following 10 amazing oils in 15ml size.

Peppermint – This is a great oil for focus, releasing head tension, opening airways, cooling down, using for supporting your respiratory system and digestive system plus it’s a great breath freshner.

Lavender – This oil is perfect for calm and relaxation. Use in your diffuser to set the mood, in a therapeutic bath to ready yourself for bed, on your skin to help support healing irritations or simply smell from the bottle or your hands to soothe worry and stress.

Lemon – This oil is cleansing, detoxifying and uplifting. Diffusing it can helps to lift your energy or mood. Used in your cleaning regime, it cuts through grime and grease while leaving a clean and light aroma or add to your water to help cleanse your body.

OnGuard – This oil is both cleansing and immune boosting. Use it in a diffuser to purify the air. You can clean your home with it or use it on yourself to support your immune system.

Breathe / Easy Air – This oil is very supportive to our respiratory system. Diffuse to cleanse the air and make it easier to breathe. Use topically on neck and throat to support and soothe.

Deep Blue – This oil works on relieving muscle and joint discomfort. It can be used daily when needed to support ongoing issues or before and after workouts.

Digestzen / ZenGest – This oil is just what you need to support your digestive system.

Copaiba – This oil works with the endocannabinoid system. Supporting our ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

Adaptiv – This is our mental wellness blend. Diffuse it to create a safe and welcoming space. Apply topically or smell from your hands regularly to

Balance – This blend is both calming and grounding. A great oil to add to your daily self care regime.

This is an enrollment kit, so it also includes a free wholesale membership for an entire year as well as the fact that all kits have a saving on the individual cost of your oils too. Your membership means you will receive 25% off everything you buy and whenever you buy. We also offer, as part of our Mandala Essentials Global Community, a free wellness and aromatherapy consultation, ongoing support, reduced rates at our clinic, a starter pack and access to our private Facebook community. We love to give back because we all deserve self care.

If you don’t have an account with us yet, we’d love to share this journey with you and support your needs.

Contact us to learn more.

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