Lou Meggiato and her family in North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Find Success with Happiness

When I first moved to Canada ?? I had 4 different jobs just to get on by. It was a challenge. I was tired and overwhelmed constantly. There were times I worked 7 days a week and raised a young family.

This changed 4 years ago when I found doTERRA ❤️ ? It shifted mine and my family’s life in so many ways and not just financially. I found hope for my daughter where there was none and that is why I first used the oils.

Western medicine had nothing to offer her and I couldn’t watch her suffer without having some support. Essential oils were a huge emotional support for her. Then I also found how much they could help me with not only feeling physically well but emotionally cared for too. If you aren’t aware I have suffered from stress and anxiety for over 20 years. It didn’t stop there because I was able to help my parents, my son, my friends and from there it just grew.

I have found a way for me to be happy every single day because I am uplifted in every way from the community that I am surrounded by with amazing customers, clients and business partners. Every day is the same. What I mean here is that I have no end of the week highs or start of the week blues because every day I’m in charge of what I do, where I go and how it plays out. I create my own happiness now. BOOM!

After 2 years I was able to leave all the others job I had to follow my heart and share doTERRA worldwide. Yes seriously ? you can do this with me anywhere in the whole world.

Not only have I found my passion but I also get to help and serve others every single day. Those needing to find hope and wellness but also those who want to change their own life too.

There is a very huge reason that in such a short time this company has become the largest essential oil company in the world. They truly care about every step of this journey. To me it matters about the people who harvest, distill, test, and produce the products I use.

I’m happy that I get to be a part of the positive change that is happening in our world. We should be holding businesses accountable. I worked in the fashion industry for over a decade and what I saw I couldn’t be a part of anymore.

So if you are ready to make changes in your own wellness and health and help others to do the same then this might be for you. I am looking for new partners – guys or gals to join my worldwide team. You can create the change you want in your life and I’ll be there to help you.

Namaste lovelies,

Lou xx

P.S. lets chat about you becoming a doTERRA wellness advocate and earning a full time residual monthly income

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