Essential Oils for Sleep and Digestion

Essential Oils for Sleep and Digestion

20th March  (2pm PST/ 5pm EST/ 10pm GMT) Guided by Lou Meggiato  

March sees the beginning of a range of educational classes on Aromatherapy and the benefits they offer both for our physical and mental health.

This class was created to give you an arsenal of tools to support your digestive system and to promote a restful nights sleep.  There are a plethora of reasons why many of us struggle with digestive issues and not only can it cause pain, being uncomfortable, bloating, too many trips or not enough trips to the bathroom but it also can effect how we are able to show up in the world. Essential oils have allowed me to give hope to many clients that had previously struggled with long term issues. 

Sleep is another area that many find becomes a challenge at one point or another in their lives. Emotional support and the creation of 

How long is the class ? 
The class is approximately an hour but Lou will be available afterwards for any questions you may have. 
What should I have on hand?
A note book, a pen plus an open mind.
What is the cost?
Your investment for the class is $10 CDN and includes samples for the class which will be mailed to you. Should you wish to attend without the samples you can register for FREE if space permits. 
How many spaces do you have?
We like to keep our classes smaller even when they are online so that we have plenty of time to connect and answer all of your questions.   
Where can I register?
Right here.