Essential Oils for Dentists

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Let’s go back a few years (or a lot actually) to me being in the dentist chair as a kid, being poked, prodded and being utterly traumatized. I had braces for 2 whole years of my life and this meant I was in the dentist chair far more than I would like. Braces hurt! Cleaning hurt! They didn’t have cute sunglasses back then to protect you from the light or Disney playing overhead or any softness about them. Nope… none of that.

It’s not really any surprise then that I now hate going to the dentist. I do go because I know that mouth health affects our whole health but likely not as often as perhaps I should. I know I’m not the only adult in my generation that feels this way. It’s stressful, uncomfortable, bright, clinical and all those memories come flooding back. Plus if you haven’t been in a while, they have the knack of making you feel guilty for not going sooner.

Dentist surgeries have come a long way and much better than they used to be. But hey guys there is room for improvement. I’m not talking about the skills of the dentist or the hygienist but the ambience of the space. Which can be improved with aromatherapy diffusing.

Essential oils have been so useful in calming my nerves and that of my clients, with stressful situations like going to the dentist, so I reached out to my own dentist to ask if they’d give a diffuser a go and guess what? They said yes!

Well in case you didn’t know already – aromas are so powerful for our emotions. One whiff of something yummy can time warp you back to happier times. I do want to clear one thing up that I am always asked though, and that is that scents and aromas are not the same thing.

A scent is something synthetic and the reason we have so many scent-free zones in our lives. I for one am so grateful for that because I’m one of those folks that has super crazy reactions to synthetic smells.

Aromas are natural and we experience these all the time. Fresh cut grass, the smell of a flower, baked bread, a pie straight out of the oven. Pure essential oils are natural and not the same as synthetic scents.

-How would essential oils and aromatherapy benefit my dental clinic?

Diffusing essential oils in the waiting room and dental rooms can massively affect people’s
mood and help them to feel calm and relaxed, reducing anxiety. Also, the doTERRA OnGuard toothpaste is great for overall mouth health and sensitive teeth. DeepBlue cream or oil blend would be a great addition to help dentists and hygienists who may suffer back discomfort due to the repetitive positioning of their bodies in this profession.

-What oils and blends would you suggest for using in a dentist office?

Balance – for calm energy and grounding
Serenity – relaxation and feeling of stillness
Citrus Bliss – uplifting and centering
Breathe – cooling release for breathing
Frankincense – peace and prosperity

-What is the best diffuser to buy and how much space do they take up?

My favourite diffuser for this type of setting would be the Lumo. It offers multiple time settings up to 10 hours, it’s sleek and modern and easy to use. Diffusers do not take up much space, similar to that of a large coffee mug.

-How do you setup the diffuser with essential oils for aromatic client benefits?

The diffuser would be most beneficial to clients in the waiting room. The apprehension from waiting can be more traumatic often than the procedure itself. However, my suggestion for the optimal comfort of the clients would be to have diffusers in the dental rooms as well.

-Where can you buy diffusers online for using at the dental office?

Through us at Mandala Essentials. We offer guidance and consulting in order to help you get set up and the most out of using aromatherapy to support your clients.

-Are there any clinical medical benefits to diffusing essential oils?

Many medical papers are being produced on the physical and emotional health benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are beginning to appear in hospitals and clinics. Diffusing, not only benefits the dental clients but also the staff. You can read more citations below.

-What does CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade mean?

CPTG means that the essential oils are beyond organic and have no fillers, no synthetic ingredients or harmful contaminants. 100% pure and clean.

As we are talking teeth today I also want to add a little tip for those with sensitive teeth. Ouch!

I have lived with sensitive teeth most of my life and it isn’t fun. I couldn’t have hot or cold things without paying the price. I found a toothpaste and it helped so I stayed with it for over 15 years!

As the rest of my life started to take a more holistic approach I found that I was most afraid to step away from this toothpaste that I knew wasn’t the healthiest because it did help a little with the pain and sensitivity. I wanted something more natural though and eventually I took the plunge after seeing how the doTERRA OnGuard toothpaste helped my son and his endless canker sores. I’m glad I did.

My teeth are whiter than ever and my sensitive teeth have stopped.

If you would like help setting up a diffuser for essential oil aromatherapy in your dental clinic, we should chat, contact me at your convenience.

That’s a wrap from me and my pearly white teeth.



Video: Using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils at the Dental Clinic

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