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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Depression

I am lucky enough to have so many tools in my self care tool box. Some I have learned and teach others, while others I go to my expert friends to learn from.  

Intuitively I have been tapping for years on my chest bone anytime I felt stressed or overwhelmed but I didn’t begin to really explore EFT (tapping) until I found out my friend Shannon was now teaching it. However she is not only teaching it but offering it out into the world specifically for mamas and women who are needing self love and self care. Well hello there!!! Yep that’s my wheelhouse and passion.  

So we have joined forces to collaborate on a number of projects to get these tools out into the world and I’m so excited!! I asked Shannon some questions so you could get to know her better to and the wonderful offerings she has been creating. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Tapping to Reduce Anxiety Stress Depression Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Who are you ?  

I’m Shannon Kerr, mom of 2 kids ages 5 and 14, and my stepson age 11 who lives with his mom.  
Where do you live ? 
We live in Squamish BC, in between Vancouver and Whistler on the wet coast of Canada.  
How did you find EFT ? 
I’ve worked with children in many different ways – equestrian instructor, daycare provider, education assistant from kindergarten to high school. The rise of anxiety in young children is a big part of why I have turned my focus towards serving moms. I believe that by teaching adults the importance of self-love, a ripple effect will be created through families and into the communities. 
I found EFT last year during quarantine, when my home daycare had to close, and I was stuck at home with my youngest. She and I were both not managing our emotions very well. Her emotional regression, the fear of the unknown and the loss of our social network was all putting so much pressure on me. Meanwhile, I was 6 months sober and desperate to stay that way. A friend introduced me to an online tapping community, and I found instant relief. It was something that I could do anywhere and addressed all the big feelings I had been trying to hide. When the opportunity of certification came up, I took the leap, even though I had no clear picture of how I was going to earn an income at that point. I just knew that more women needed to learn how to use this tool to manage their overwhelm. 
Where did you study to become a EFT facilitator ? 
I took my certification with Jackie Macdonald, she has developed her Macdonald Manifestation Method which is a more fluid and intuitive style of tapping. I’m currently completing the Advanced level, which is going deeper into addressing the different parts of Self. 
What do you love about EFT/ tapping ?  
I love EFT because it is fast, effective and literally at my fingertips. It’s something that I can teach my kids to use, and I can teach emotional literacy and growth mindset with EFT. I’ve learned to meet all my emotions with love, instead of wanting to drown them with alcohol, food or any other overindulgence. Anyone can do EFT – you can even use it with babies, and I have a friend who is using it with her horses. 
What are the benefits of EFT/tapping ?  

Tapping soothes the nervous system, reducing the flow of cortisol in the body. It interrupts thought patterns that cause anxiety, so that your mind can finally shift out of fight/flight/freeze mode. Tapping on the energy meridians where emotions can get trapped, while voicing your feelings helps to connect to the subconscious mind. Once your subconscious feels acknowledged, it becomes open to the possibility of choosing a new feeling.  
The effects of an 8 week tapping practice can be still seen in the brain scans one year later. The wavelengths show that the brain’s learning pathways have been updated. 
 Why would I want to learn EFT/tapping ? 
We have thousands of thoughts every single day and many of them are not kind ones. Over time this leads to many challenges both mentally and physically. 
Anyone experiencing the following issues listed below would see improvement in their self talk as well as their mental health by introducing EFT.

  • Overwhelm 
  • Anxiety 
  • Sleeplessness 
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Body shame 
  • Guilt 
  • Judgement (I’m not good enough) 
  • Feeling stuck in the past 
  • Indecision 
  • Depression 
  • Bad tempered 
  • Frustration 
    What do I need to learn EFT ? 
    All it takes is the willingness to ask yourself the questions, and an open mind. 
    Where can I do EFT/tapping ?  
    This technique can be done anywhere because all you need is you. It may help to set your space up for a more peaceful experience. It’s hard to focus if you have other people needing your attention so try and find a quiet space. Our bodies have a voice if we can truly listen.  
    Can I do tapping on my own or should I find a practitioner ? 
    Tapping can be done on your own, watching a video or with a practitioner.  
    The advantage of working with a practitioner is that you get individualized attention. Your actual words are repeated back to you, so that the emotional shifts happen so much faster. I recommend learning with a practitioner first, and then taking the skills home to use for your daily practice. Tapping is for all emotions, not just the stressful ones. Creating a daily practice of setting your intentions with tapping will help increase your productivity and flow. 
    Tell us about your current offerings : 
    The Mother Yourself challenge is a 5 day series of tapping, with a daily prompt and theme around self care. So many of us have been putting self care on the back burner until everything else on the to-do list is taken care of. I want to shift your thinking to see that you are deserving of self care and attention. These 5 days will help you release the judgement of unworthiness, to make space for love, self acceptance and new opportunities. You’ll feel a sense of unwinding and unloading all the hidden weights you have been carrying. 
    To learn more about Shannon or to get in touch, visit her website here

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