doTERRA Kenya Trip 2019

doTERRA Kenya Trip

Hello Lovelies,

Well have I got some exciting news to share with you! I’m going to Kenya! Yep you heard right and I am doing a huge happy dance.

I have had Africa on my bucket list since I was 18 and what better way to experience it than going with doTERRA on my birthday, to be of service to others. We will be helping in some K-7 local Kenyan schools.

doTERRA Kenya 2019

It’s been two years since I won a place on my first doTERRA trip, which was to Nepal. It was literally life changing. I met so many amazing friends, both in doTERRA and on the ground working for CHOICE Humanitarian. I am still connected to those whom I met because this kind of experience bonds people. I had the experience of giving back to others in such a profound way that my ‘why’ in life became so apparent that I could no longer ignore it.

If you don’t know much about doTERRA and it’s practices, I can tell you that these are a big part of the reason when I became an aromatherapist, that choosing their oils was my only choice.

Co-impact sourcing is the way so many more companies in the world should be heading. It seeks to create long lasting relationships with suppliers to provide sustainable jobs and reliable income in underdeveloped areas. They are seeking to create mutually beneficial partnerships that will support communities. Added to this is the community work and support that happens from doTERRA’s charity, the Healing Hands Foundation. Healing Hands is the vehicle that let’s this company go beyond anything I could have imagined. They have provided clinics, wells, hospitals, clean water, schools and so much more.

They are about making a difference in lives globally.

In Nepal, I was part of building a hospital in a remote mountain village, where previously someone who was badly injured would have had to endure an 8 hour bumpy mountain bus ride to get to the nearest one. I also got to participate in teaching girls about periods and sex education as well as handing out donated reusable fabric sanitary kits to them all so that they no longer had to miss days of school.

doTERRA Nepal 2017

At the end of the day I have chosen to do what makes my heart happy, which is to help people. I love that I can align with a company that has the same values.

So when I get asked why are these oils so expensive (which they truly aren’t) and cheap is not better when it comes to essential oils. I ask what you are comparing it to? An oil that has come from a lab and is 100% synthetic or an oil that was adulterated by the middle man or an oil that the farmer practically gave away?

Let’s ask the hard questions of all the companies we are purchasing from and let our money do the talking. I’d happily pay more for anything my family buys if I knew that it was pure, natural, supported the farmers/suppliers and their families and was also sustainable. I only have one life to make a difference and we only have one world to care for.

Ok well with that said I am off to write my packing list!

Check back again soon for the follow up article and more updates. xo.

doTERRA Nepal

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