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Mens Amavi collection doTERRA products for guys male essential oil bathWhen I was first introduced to doTERRA (broTERRA to us dudes). I was of course sceptical and apprehensive to be honest, as who was this new company coming from the U.S. claiming to have the best supplements and health products in the world. Heard that story before many times over the years.

At the time I was using supplements to my advantage for pre, post, intra workout and recovery proteins, vitamins, minerals, the whole gamut. Usually I would spend more money on BCAAs and EAAs to get higher quality, and a little less on multi vitamins and greens. Considering I was getting a good balanced diet of whole foods and mainly needed help with building muscle and recovery.

Brands like MuscleTech, Mutant, Mammoth, BSN, and many others were companies that I bought products from, mainly from online order websites like Supplements Canada or Canadian Protein.

Over the years I have come to the personal realization that supplements impact about 20% of performance and results in health and fitness, while the other parts are training, whole food nutrition, hydration, and recovery. Supplements come into play the most when doing fasted workouts or low caloric training for physique sports. To not lose muscle while getting to a very low body fat percentage.

Deep Blue doTERRA Essential Oil Blend Capsules Health ProductI started using doTERRA supplements on a regular basis, the Lifelong Vitality Pack and Greens, and holy sh#% did my nails and hair start growing fast. My general energy level was increased and my skin was soft and blemish free. Astonishing results to say the least.

Now one thing I want to mention is that I am a vegan powerlifter and physique enthusiast and amateur competitor. So the way that I supplement, train, and eat will be different then many people, and that is okay. You need to understand your genetics and body type to fine tune your unique approach. You can use the doTERRA science resources to get more information.

For me getting great value on pricing is important, but the key factor always is the results that the supplements provide in terms of real strength gains (muscle) and athletic performance (power).

Lets chat a bit about the science behind doTERRA supplements:

-Lifelong Vitality Pack is a food grade derivative multi vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, enzyme, etc which enhances uptake/absorption and there is also a vegan option as well with a plant based gel capsule

-For the Greens I like it because it has everything you need and nothing that you do not need, sometimes supplement companies put fancy ingredients into products to drive up the price for no reason, but that is not the case with doTERRA, very few ingredients compared to other brands but more of them in terms of volume

Digestive enzymes and probiotics are the other products that I would recommend that you take, the benefit of these is that the probiotic is double encapsulated with coconut oil in the middle between the capsules, which allows is to pass through your stomach and into your intestine where the probiotic is needed, and the digestive enzymes are great taken with each meal to get the best total food break down and cellular uptake

Of course to be completely frank you are going to have to supplement with other products from another company, as doTERRA does not have EAAs and BCAAs, which is fine they may do so in the future. But hard core athletes will need these additional micronutrients for cell regrowth and building muscle.

With that said I would suggest Iron Vegan, Canadian Protein and perhaps Rule 1 Pre-Amino.

Essential Oils and Blends that are good for us guys:

This is great mixed in water before, during, and after a fasted workout for flavour as zero calories
Hydrating and helps the uptake of electrolytes, suggest to use Himalayan pink salts, high in potassium

You can mix this with Lemon as above, but do note 2 or 3 drops is maximum dose for 2L of water
Helps with reducing inflammation and generally supporting joint health, making body alkaline

Nice to use this mixed in water for a cologne type spray that is mild and aromatic, not scent based
Put this behind your ears before bed for a good aromatherapy experience and calms anxious energy

When you are feeling sick or like you have an oncoming sore throat this is a good oil blend to use
Kills germs and bacteria and helps to fight seasonal colds, flus, coughing

Easy Air
Using this underneath your nose prior to a long or strenuous fitness activity, helps with opening blood vessels in the lungs and increases athletic performance and efficiency

Awesome product for sore knees, shoulders, elbows from weightlifting or lifestyle related strains
Helps relieve pain and soreness associated with stress in joints, muscles, ligaments
Be careful not to rub your eyes or anywhere on your face until you have washed your hands after application

Amavi Collection
These products are great as they are essential oil infused face creams and after shave
Which means you do not need to put chemicals on your face, and you will smell great with clean skin
These can also work well for beard grooming and “manscaping” areas of your body

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Written by Carlo Hernandez, Nutritionist and broTERRA Wellness Advocate
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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