Baby Massage

Infant Baby Massage

We offer introduction classes that help you get started connecting with your little one through touch. We will guide you through the movements and show you best practices for a healthy happy you and a calm relaxed babe.
This is a great way to nurture your relationship with your child and set up healthy habits for life while meeting other new mamas. Touch is the first sense we have in utero and as such plays a huge role in how we and our children navigate the world. Safe and nurturing touch has a powerful effect on all of us especially in terms of feeling loved and cherished.Starter kits are available for purchase at all of our events. Massage oils are provided.

Benefits of massage

. Bonding and relaxing for baby and parent
. Can help with sleep
. Improves circulation and the digestive system
. Can reduce crying
. Helps your child to feel heard and listened to
. Builds self esteem
. Improves sensory awareness
. Promotes growth and development
. Provides a special time for you both to connect and communicate
. Supports all the body systems

How long does a class last?

Typically 45 mins to an hour. This is a baby led class so they are in charge.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable as we will be sitting on the floor.

What should I bring with me?

A yoga mat or waterproof change pad for baby to be on, a large bath towel and a cushion for you to sit on.

Can dads come too?

Our classes are open to any caregivers who want to share infant massage with a babe in their life.

How do I register?

Contact us here.

Do you offer a full course?

We do offer a 3-4 week course. This can be taught in a private setting one on one or with a group. Please contact us for pricing.

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