doTERRA Essential Oils Amsterdam Netherlands

doTERRA Amsterdam Netherlands

If you are thinking about getting involved with doTERRA essential oils in Amsterdam Netherlands, then this is a good page for you to read, about signing up, joining and becoming a wellness advocate.

Als u overweegt om betrokken te raken bij doTERRA etherische oliën in Amsterdam Nederland, dan is dit een goede pagina voor u om te lezen, over aanmelden, lid worden en een pleitbezorger worden van wellness.

Get to know Hannah who is our lead Wellness Advocate in Amsterdam

doTERRA Essential Oils Amsterdam Netherlands

Why did you get started with doTERRA?

The first time I came into contact with doTERRA was at the hairdresser where they were diffusing a really pleasant ‘clean’ smell. I noticed the name ‘doTERRA’ on the diffuser and saw that the hand soaps in the bathrooms were also doTERRA. A few weeks later my daughter gave me a peppermint beadlet to try, given to her by her godmum. The ‘pop’ sensation and splash of mint oil was like nothing I had tried before – doTERRA was getting my attention. When I saw Lou’s Facebook post asking for friends who might be interested in helping her grow her doTERRA business in Europe, my ears pricked up; I had been toying with the idea of starting something for myself but not yet found the ‘what’. Lou and I know each other from High School (had last seen each other in person when we were just 15 years old!) and it was definitely her passion for doTERRA that aroused my curiousity . We had a couple of phone calls and it wasn’t long before I had enrolled myself as Wellness Advocate and ordered my Home Essentials Kit. I was so excited when it arrived and used information Lou provided to explore the full uses and benefits of the oils in the kit.

Which products do you like the most?

By nature I’m very practical so initially the product which intrigued me the most was On Guard. I love the idea of using natural products in the home to reduce toxicity and have worked On Guard into my housecleaning routine and I add a few drops to the washing machine to freshen up gym clothes. It’s also the one oil that I make sure that I travel with. I fly long haul once per month for my work so On Guard is the oil that keeps airplane and travel bugs at bay; I use it on my hands, my neck if I feel a sore throat coming and diffuse it in my hotel room when I’m working and before sleeping.

What are you currently working on for building your team in the Netherlands?

Firstly I have a great mentor, Lou! I have initially spent time absorbing information that Lou has provided to me and familiarised myself with doTERRA product, building up my own experiences that I can share with friends and family. I have made a prioritized list of all those in my network who I think would be interested in learning more about essential oils so my first focus will be to spread the doTERRA love within my immediate circle. When Lou passed through Amsterdam we hosted two introduction sessions; one at a friend’s house and one at mine. I loved the informal, intimate setting and was surprised at just how engaged and open those who participated were to learn more and share the areas of their lives that they felt oils could make the most impact. What I found most rewarding was the excitement of those who enrolled when they received their products a few days after they had placed their orders – they couldn’t wait to get started with them! Over the next few months, I will plan more sessions at my home; a great excuse to catch up with friends in a cosy setting now that the nights have started to get colder.

What do you like most about working alongside Mandala Essentials?

Where do I start? Lou is an amazing woman whose passion to promote well-being and mindfulness is infectious. Her ability to connect with people through her own experiences and storytelling is a gift; it’s natural and authentic. Lou takes her customers and business builders on a very personalized journey through the aftercare she provides post-enrolment and via communities of like-minded essential oil lovers that she has established to share experiences, knowledge tips and tricks.

What does doTERRA’s co impact sourcing mean to you?

Co-impact sourcing is such a valuable initiative. Enabling a sustainable future for farmers, many of whom live in developing countries, through long-term partnerships with organizations such as doTERRA has a much greater, longer-lasting impact than one-time or short-term aid efforts. Sustainable jobs and reliable incomes are fundamental to ensuring families have access to food, education and healthcare. Whilst co-impact sourcing is making a positive impact in the lives of farmers, they in turn are making an impact on the lives of millions of households across the world through their hard work and passion to produce pure therapeutic grade oil that benefits our wellbeing.

How can new clients connect with you and become a doTERRA member?

My doTERRA page can be found at
Or simply send me an email at

What are your goals for working with doTERRA long term?

Initially I will grow my doTERRA at a steady pace taking guidance and learning from Lou. I currently work full-time for a large, global corporation which is quite demanding but over time, and as my knowledge of doTERRA deepens, I look forward to dedicating increasingly more time to growing a viable and satisfying business based on relationships and a product I truly believe in.