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10 Reasons to Join Mandala Essentials

Have you heard of doTERRA before? If not you are missing out!

doTERRA carries the best quality essential oils in the world derived from sustainable and community focused suppliers.

The essentials oil market is going to reach nearly $28 Billion USD in global retail consumer spending per year by 2022.

With all of the excitement about essential oils and the health benefits that come from them, we bet you are wondering how to get involved and make some money from this new healthy growing industry?

The answer is not as complicated as you might think and you can find out how to earn money and empower yourself by reading more about essential oils here.

As you are visiting our website reading this journal post, we would like to outline 10 of the best and most sparkly reasons to join the Mandala Essentials Tribe!

Lou Meggiato has years of experience with doTERRA essential oils and aromatherapy
The list is in no particular order.

1) The wealth of experience that Lou offers her tribe and partners.

2) The quality of the doTERRA products that Mandala Essentials deals with are top of class.

3) You can work from home or anywhere in the world building your tribe underneath and around you.

4) As a single parent you can empower yourself to earn more money and spend more time with your family.

5) As Mandala Essentials works with doTERRA, best practices and human rights are always considered in sourcing.

6) The doTERRA brand of essential oils and lifestyle products is growing faster then any of their competitors.

7) Being part of the Mandala Essentials team gets you access to resources and tools in the backend of the website.

8) Regular skype and video calls with the tribe are always happening to keep each other motivated.

9) You have no ceiling to how much money you can make working with Mandala Essentials.

10) Mandala Essentials has a vast social media following and in house marketing specialist.

Now that you know 10 Sparkly Reasons to Join Mandala Essentials doTERRA Tribe, you can do so by clicking the links above in the article, or if you just want to buy essential oils from doTERRA through Mandala Essentials you can do that on this link to easily follow the steps!

Thanks for getting to know Mandala Essentials and you can read more about founder Lou Meggiato here.

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